Essential New Car Features For Inner-City Drivers

Modern life can be stressful sometimes. You need to balance so much all at once. Careers, kids, hobbies, interests, leisure time – it can become all a bit much to keep the plates spinning in the air. That’s why it pays to find convenience when and where you can. Thank goodness for appliances, technology, and all the other modern resources at our disposal that help take the stress out of life.

In this helpful article, we’ll talk about essential new car features for inner-city drivers, like you might find in a new hybrid SUV. Driving requires a lot of attention and can be stressful, so you’ll be pleased to hear how these features make driving easy and relaxing.

Regenerative Braking

This is a feature found in modern, larger hybrid cars. These cars are particularly suited to inner-city professionals who want a larger and powerful car, but who are also conscious about the environment and want to save money on fuel.

Here’s how it works – when you hit the brakes or stop accelerating, a hybrid car uses its smart regenerative braking systems to stop feeding power or torque to its wheels, essentially making use of the rotation of the wheel to recuperate energy whilst also slowing down the car. This produces electrical power which then goes to charge the battery for future use. This basically means that when you’re stopping and starting as an inner-city driver, none of the energy used for braking is actually put to waste. How cool is that?! 

Advanced Safety Systems

New cars have a whole range of advanced safety features and systems designed to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road. The most commonly known and utilised modern system is the Automated Braking Systems or ABS. This technology detects when a collision is imminent and applies the brakes automatically, which can save you from a bingle in the nick of time.

In addition, new cars also have features such as lane drift detection. This generates a beeping alert when you are close to drifting out of your lane, which means that you can correct your course in time to stay straight on the road.

Furthermore, in the unlikely event of a car crash, new cars are designed with sophisticated crumple zones that are designed to withstand impact and ‘crumple’ in a way that protects the wagon of your car, essentially protecting everyone on board. 

You can drive a new car in the city with peace of mind due to these features. 

Forged Wheels

The type of wheel that a vehicle has can influence the driver’s safety and driving performance. The most common type of wheel vehicles use is cast wheels. These wheels are inexpensive and easy to manufacture. However, cast wheels tend to have inconsistencies or greater porosity because metal liquid alloy cools and forms in the mould. 

On the other hand, flow formed wheels are the hybrid version between cast and forged wheels. They have a lighter weight with higher load-bearing capacity than cast wheels. This wheel type is suitable for those who want less rotating mass for greater acceleration that cast wheels fail to provide. It’s also great for everyday driving, performance drivers, and casual racers. 

The third type of wheel is forged wheels. Many people are wondering, ‘Are forged wheels worth it?’ Forged wheels tend to be more expensive than other wheels because of their custom manufacturing process. So, if you’re looking for customised wheels, you can find a manufacturer that can adhere to your wheel specifications.  

Forged wheels are the newest, lightest, and strongest wheels available on the market. When quality, performance, and safety are at stake, you can rely on them since they can resist cracks. That’s why car enthusiasts and competitive racing professionals consider this type their top choice, which is a fundamentally new car feature for superior performance driving.

Another high tech feature that new cars boast is GPS navigation systems, which are built into the media control panel. Gone are the days of thumbing through a map on the side of the road. Now you can just punch your destination into the computer and the navigation will display on the screen. Navigation systems also have useful features such as calculating your estimated time of arrival based on traffic and roadworks, so you can be on time regardless of any driving conditions or other obstacles.

Alongside being able to calculate your ETA based on road conditions, these systems, as well as a Car GPS Tracker, can also generally detect and alert you to traffic snarls, accidents and other congestion on the road, and will offer quicker, alternative routes, so you won’t spend your whole commute in a gridlock. 

Smart Audio Systems

Finally, another essential new car feature is smart audio systems. These are Bluetooth connected sound systems that also pair with your smartphone, so you can play Spotify, podcasts, and other audio sources as you drive. This makes the trip a breeze, and you can get a good listen in between meetings and appointments. 

They can also read out text messages as you receive them, and you can make and take calls while you drive – all safely with hands-free technology.

A New Car Conclusion

In this article, we’ve shared some essential new car features for inner-city drivers. We discussed regenerative braking systems in hybrid cars and advanced safety features. Next, we explored navigation systems, and finally, we learned about smart audio connectivity. 

It’s clear to see why all of these features can be so valuable to inner-city drivers. Be sure to pay mind to these features the next time you shop for your next car!


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