Everything You Need To Know About Strut Braces

If you’re new to automotives or mechanics, then there could be a few terms or phrases that might confuse you. That’s easy to happen for anybody that’s relatively new to any particular field.

One of the more common of these are strut braces, despite how commonly used these can be. While the name may be somewhat self-explanatory for some people, it wouldn’t be for others.

Alternatively, you could be relatively advanced and you simply want to know if they’re worth adding to your vehicle. What is a strut brace, and does it have any actual benefits for your car?

What Is A Strut Brace?

If the term ‘strut brace’ is new to you, then it’s worth explaining. These are stiff metal bars that are installed to connect either your front or rear strut towers. The rationale behind this is to increase your vehicle’s rigidity.

This is achieved through reinforcing your car’s chassis. These strut braces were developed to overcome specific suspension systems, which were often much looser than many professional drivers, among others, didn’t like.

As such, the process of installing one is typically done well after you’ve purchased the vehicle and doesn’t come as standard.


You might be wondering what kind of benefits bar struts can provide. As you might expect, there are several of them, which is why they’ve been relatively popular in recent years. The largest of these are:

With each of those benefits, it’s easy to see why many drivers take advantage of bar struts. That’s quite true of race drivers and others who place handling at corners over all else. The fact that it could reduce wear and tear should also mean that your car will last somewhat longer.

It’s also worth noting that the overall effectiveness of the struts will depend on what vehicle you have.


Just because strut braces have multiple benefits, doesn’t mean that there aren’t any negatives. Instead, there can be several of them. If you’re considering installing them in your vehicle, then you’ll want to consider these.

After all, they could make you change your mind and you’ll want to know everything before modifying your car. The most notable disadvantages of adding a bar strut are:

  • Takes up engine bay space.
  • Off-road performance is hindered.
  • Doesn’t make a difference in straight lines.

These disadvantages will all affect specific areas. If you’re not an off-roader and don’t mind some of the other notable drawbacks, then they could be ignored. Others might take you back slightly, making it worth a reconsideration.

Wrapping Up

Anybody getting into mechanics and automotives might find themselves somewhat confused when they first enter the field. That shouldn’t be too negative of a sign; after all, you’re still learning, and you could have a while to go.

When it comes to strut braces, however, there shouldn’t be much confusion. They can be a great addition to many vehicles, although they do come with their drawbacks. One side will outweigh the other for you, although they’re worth considering adding to your car.


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