Interesting Tips To Get The Best Out Of A Car Camping Trip

Camping is a fantastic chance to escape from the stresses of everyday life, reconnect with your family, and make lasting memories. Camping offers not only beautiful memories but also a slew of health advantages. If you’re new to camping, vehicle camping is one of the most straightforward methods to get started.

Vehicle camping is a phrase used to describe camping where you can drive straight up to your campsite and park your car. You can have a car camp in most state parks, national parks, and or private centres.

If you want to take your family camping but aren’t sure where to start, here are some suggestions to make your first trip a success.

Don’t Spend a Fortune

It’s easy to get carried away with all of the beautiful high-end camping gear available at the camping shop. You don’t need any of that to have a good time. Start simple if you’re new and make memories. 

Look around your home and see what you can make with what you currently have. If you need to purchase roof top tents for caravans, start with a low-cost one that will suffice. If you discover that you love camping so much that you want to go on longer excursions, invest in more gear in the future.

Prepare for Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes and other pests can rapidly turn an otherwise enjoyable camping vacation into a nightmare. The Thermacell is one of the most effective insect repellents. It’s a butane-burning gadget that warms a pad drenched with allethrin, a natural repellent found in flowers that’s harmless for humans and dogs. 

The Thermacell generates a mosquito-free zone of 15 feet around it, offering you protection throughout the night.

Carry Water

Fill up as many water bottles as you can to start your trip off nicely. Weight isn’t an issue since you won’t be carrying it on your back. Besides, having adequate water gives you peace of mind. 

Fill up at every filling station, tourist attraction, and restroom you see on the way.

Apply for a Fire Permit

If you plan on lighting a fire, obtain permission from your local land management organization ahead of time – it’s one of the car camping essentials. The presence of a fire pit does not always imply that fires are permitted. Only you, according to Smokey Bear, can prevent forest fires.

Set Up a Staging Area in Your Car

There’s no need to unpack everything; leave some items in the vehicle, such as your daypack, extra food, and additional clothing. This keeps you organized and ensures that you have some backup supplies in case your campground becomes flooded.

Remain Organized

Take note of where everything is in your vehicle. You don’t need perfectly arranged containers; as long as you adhere to the method. Separate piles should do. This enables you to spend more time appreciating the surroundings and less time searching for stuff.

Throw Your Garbage Away

It’s critical to follow the Leave No Trace (LNT) philosophy by packing away all trash. If you’re at a location with waste bins, such as trailheads or visitor centers, take advantage of the chance to dispose of your junk. 

This will prevent your vehicle from smelling stale. If the stench persists, drive about with the windows down and act as if it’s a beautiful day.


Hopefully, after reading these suggestions, you’ll have the constant motivation to go camping. You’ll be happy you did, and who knows, maybe it’ll turn into a lifetime hobby.


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