The best way to ship a classic car to another state

If you’re the proud owner of a classic car such as a Chevrolet Corvette, Impala, or Camaro, you’re going to want the best for your precious motor when it comes to shipping it across the country

Whether you need to get it to the latest classic car show, to the paint shop for a respray, or you’re heading south for the winter, a car like this deserves special care and attention, especially when you want to ship it long distances without adding extra miles on the clock.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to cheap car shipping. You could: 

  • Drive it yourself
  • Send it by train
  • Hire someone to drive it for you
  • Send it by plane
  • Ship your classic car with an auto transport company like A-1 Auto Transport

Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages.

Drive it yourself

This probably seems like the most obvious car shipping option, and if you don’t need to ship your classic car too far, it would probably work. However, if the classic car show is across the other side of the country or you’re heading south from Montana, a road trip that adds a few thousand miles to the odometer might not be the best thing to do. 


  • If you haven’t got to be somewhere by a specific time, you’ll be able to take your time making the journey
  • There will be plenty of opportunities to stop along the way
  • It might be fun to have a road trip with a buddy


  • When you add up all the costs, it can be expensive
  • There is unwanted wear and tear and extra miles on the odometer to consider
  • It can be very stressful to drive for long periods
  • Traffic and weather conditions could impact the journey

Send it by train

Believe it not, you can ship a car to another state by train. It’s not a service that’s available across the US, but if you’re located near a station where it’s offered, it could be worth considering. However, there are a few pros and cons:


  • It tends to cost less than many other options
  • Most major routes are covered
  • Open and closed transport options are available


  • It’s not a door-to-door service
  • It can take a long time to ship a car to another state
  • The service runs according to a schedule and pre-defined routes, which means it’s not very flexible

Hire someone to drive it for you

There are companies in the US that specialize in providing this kind of service, or you can look in the free ads and hire someone directly. However, would you feel confident allowing another person to drive your baby across the country?


  • The driver might let you tag along for the ride
  • It’s a very personal service
  • Specialized insurance may be an option, depending on the value of your car
  • It’s a quick service


  • This can be a very costly option
  • You’re adding extra miles on the odometer and additional wear and tear
  • Finding a company or person you trust with your valuable vehicle could be challenging

Send it by plane

This is a very safe and secure option, but it is horrendously expensive. If you don’t live near an airport, you’ve also got the worry of getting your classic car there.


  • Very safe and secure way to ship a car


  • You have to get your car to the airport and drive it to your chosen location once it’s delivered at the other end
  • The cost of this type of service is exceptionally high

There is one other possible solution if you need to ship your classic car. Classic car transport with an auto transport provider is possibly the best option. 

What is classic car transport?

When you ship a car to another state with an auto transport company that offers classic car transport, they will transport your car in an enclosed trailer. The trailer has four sides and a roof, so your classic car is completely protected from the weather, traffic debris, and prying eyes.

The cost of this auto transport service is usually a little higher than standard auto transport, by around 30% to 40%. However, you’re guaranteed total peace of mind, which is important if you’re the proud owner of a classic vehicle.

There are several benefits of classic car transport. For example:

  • Your car is 100% protected
  • You’re guaranteed total peace of mind
  • Special loading and unloading procedures are used 
  • You’ll be able to ship more than one classic vehicle
  • Increased insurance coverage is usually included

When it comes to the downside, there are only two worth mentioning. Carriers offering this service can transport fewer vehicles in this way, so they have to charge more for the service. The specialist loading equipment also adds to the cost. Secondly, there are some circumstances when door-to-door transport is not an option. But, you can usually arrange a suitable location for the pick-up and delivery that’s not too far from your home.

Now you know more about the possible options it’s easy to see that classic car transport is the one to choose.  


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