Why Using Signage Remains a Great Marketing Tactic for a Business

Although we are now moving towards digital advertising and marketing, businesses must still rely on physical signs to drive more customers. Signage is not only useful as advertising tools, but it also serves as visual and inanimate salespeople. Without them, the business itself won’t be a recognizable brand.

Besides being a useful communication tool, effective business signage can be a cost-effective advertisement to attract customers and brand exposure. According to a study by Economics Center, the University of Cincinnati, around 60% of businesses reported they encountered a 10% sales increase after putting up signs. This shows how signage indeed provides a positive impact on sales and the number of transactions.

From custom acrylic signs, roll-up banners, informational signs, and vehicle graphics, each signage comes with its own unique advantages and creative ways to grab customer attention. With that in mind, here are the essential traits of adequate signage and their importance to your advertising strategies.


While shopping for signs sounds exciting, deciding about its location should be the first thing you should do. The area is crucial in advertising. Where you place the signs contributes to your branding. It is how you can form a lasting impression on your customer’s minds about who you are, what products/services you offer, and what you represent.

Signage is also an essential element of visual communication. It plays a vital role in the success and efficient function of a business. Having a recognizable persona will help achieve an emotional response and sales goals.

There are two main points when choosing a location. First, the sign should be in a proximate area (off-premises) to your business. Second, you need an on-premise sign to let people know you exist. Strategically placed signs convey a concise message to your passing customers.

A study conducted by FedEx reported that 76% of U.S. customers enter a store they never visited before because they relied on the sign. Meanwhile, 68% purchased a service or product because the sign caught their eye. These figures show how good signage can be an influential word-of-mouth marketing tool as people mostly based their purchase actions on store signage.


Size certainly matters when choosing the best signage for your business. But the size is not just about the overall measurement of the sign. You need to consider the size of the font and the objects around your target location.

Having more prominent signage is not always a great idea. Sometimes huge signs can be a cause of distraction for passersby. Not only that, but a big sign can also weaken the message you want to convey for your brand.

For example, imagine a large sign placed on the side of a building where you often pass by. Do you think that the sign on the side of the building looks better than the smaller sign placed near an intersection? The latter is a better idea since more people gather at the intersection, giving them more time to stop and look at it.

The example above shows how the interplay of location and size plays a significant role in your signage. Detecting and reading a sign involves a complex series that affect a passersby’s mental and physical faculties.

Size restrictions are also necessary. Some cities restrict billboards and large signs in specific locations. There are also local and state laws that govern the right size for signage. That is why you need to be familiar with federal regulations and size restrictions related to outdoor advertising.


The visual impact, design, and legibility of signage directly affect how people view your products or services. A correlation exists between how good the signage looks and how many people believe it reflects your quality work.

Great signage can also improve your competitive edge among other businesses in your area. A client will likely pick a business with a well-designed sign, as it reflects the level of professionalism of a business. Also, better-looking signage has more value because it conveys the trust you want your customers to feel.

With improvements to digital signage, businesses are finding them easier to manage and less expensive to maintain. Digital signage can be useful if your business will go through a re-branding. Instead of replacing all your current signs, the digital signage only requires a few modifications. But embracing digital advertising trends does not mean discarding traditional signage options. The secret to solid advertising success is learning to combine the trends while integrating the old.

Putting up great signage is very important for many reasons. It helps foster branding and informs people about who you are. Establishing reputation, trust, and knowledge all come down to how the signage can express the identity of a business.


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