Things to Consider When Buying a Used Car Through a Dealer

Buying a car is exciting, even purchasing a used car is just as exciting as it’s new to you. If you are considering buying a used car through a dealer then you will want to avoid some pitfalls to ensure you get the best deal and the car that is right for your needs. Knowing your rights in relation to buying a used car Colorado Springs is also helpful to help you stay informed. Always opt for a dealer that is well established and has a good reputation. That way you will be able to go back if there is an issue with the car at a later stage.

Car History

Buying any used car means checking over the history of the vehicle. Also ask the dealer questions about the car such as if it has been in any accidents, what the service history is like, and the mileage on the vehicle. Having a good service history is a sign of a well looked after car. Another document to check is the MOT certificate as this will let you know if the car is roadworthy.


Traders do all types of car sales so doing a little bit of research before you head to their premises will ensure you know the value of certain types of cars. Have a look online at price guides and compare similar models with other traders. If you know the exact car you are after, organise to have a viewing and test drive on a day that suits you. Be

prepared to haggle to get the best price for the car and in a price range, you can afford.

Test drive

A trader will always let you take the car for a test drive. This is important as you will get a feel for the car and when driving you may notice faults which you can point out and either decide not to purchase the car or negotiate a better deal.


If you are purchasing your car from a dealer then you have what is known as the “cooling-off period”. This means you have a minimum time that you can change your mind, the statutory minimum period is 14 days. However, this only applies if you have opted to purchase the car with finance. 

Ways to pay 

There are several ways to pay for a used car through a trader. From leasing to paying in cash. If you are paying with cash then ensure you get a discount. Another way to make payment is by debit or credit card. This is a good option as it means you are protected should something go wrong through the chargeback scheme operated by banks. A popular choice for purchasing a second-hand car is through finance. This means paying interest on your purchase however you do get protection through the finance company should something go wrong, so this is also worth considering as an option to pay for a used car.


The above are just some of the things to consider when you are purchasing a used car through a trader. From checking the car to different options for paying for the vehicle. Following these simple steps will ensure you purchase a car that you are happy with and that you are protected should something go wrong.


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