Motorcycle Helmet Laws: The Easy Way

Cruising the streets in a motorbike can be fun and risky at the same time. A slip can cause catastrophic injuries, which may dent your wallet. Besides, you may get charged before a court of law for a violation of the law that can warrant jail terms.

But, you can stay away from all the traffic trouble if you know the motorcycle law. First, it’s an offence to ride without a helmet, and this alone attracts high amounts of fine and other forms of punishment across states in the US.

In every state, the local government enact and enforce helmet laws to guide all riders on the roads. Despite the helmet being an important motorcycling component, knowing the rules is equally paramount. Here are some basics a motorcyclist should know:

Always Wear a Motorcycle Helmet

Failing to abide by the law may be cool but not ideal for a rider. If there’s something you shouldn’t try on the roads is defying the helmet laws. Always put on the helmet despite what the law says.

Be the all gear type to stay safe while riding your bike; even if you aren’t a fanatic, wear them when getting on your motorcycle. People may ask if the laws are effective, but in a real sense, the act of wearing the gear is about you; it will save your life in case an eventuality happens. 

Statistics show that wearing a helmet reduces injuries and deaths on the roads in significant numbers. This alone is a shred of evidence to show how effective the helmet is to all riders. 

The Skilled Motorcycle Association Organization also backs up the finding with figures of about 42 percent reducing death risks and another 69 percent of injuries being reduced by putting on the helmet. So, wearing the gear doesn’t remain a choice but a necessity when riding

Look for Helmets Meeting the Requirements of the Law

Despite the helmets being safety gear, not all of them meet the set standards by the law. You can purchase one, but it should be up to standard to serve its purpose as well as satisfy the requirement of the law.

In the US, your helmet should be approved by the DOT – Department of Transportation body that satisfies all the requisites of the law. If the body accepts your helmet, it implies you are compliant with the state’s law written on the books. 

But if your state doesn’t have the law, it’s best if you wear a helmet without minding the fact it’s not a law but a safety measure. On the other hand, if you’re a rider in other places like Australia or the UK, go for the motorcycle helmets approved by the ECE – Economic Commission of Europe.

Though the DOT and ECE differ in standards, the duo is the most ideal on matters helmets laws for riders in the areas. You might go for whatever type of helmet you want, but be sure it has the approval of either agency to stay safe while on the roads.

If you are in a different locality, go for a helmet befitting the local laws. You can contact the authorities for advice on the best gears to use. But the most important goal is to stay safe and legal while on the riding excursion. 

Image By Roger Lagesse from Pexels

Helmet Doesn’t Guarantee 100% Safety in an Accident

While a helmet is a safety gear when you’re riding, it doesn’t offer full protection in motorcycle accidents. It only reduces the risk of getting severe injuries on the head and untimely death to a significant level. It isn’t a surety that you will not get an injury on the head when an accident happens.

Despite having the gear as protection, check on other variables that determine if you’re going to get a catastrophic injury or not. Look at your position while riding, speed, road surface, terrain or landscape, other road users amongst the many factors. A helmet doesn’t give you full protection while on the road.

All you need is to seek quality helmets from reputable suppliers. But ensure it abides by the motorcycle helmet laws by state and is up-to-date in features to serve you in the best way. And it has to be the best brand in the market in offering protection to motorists. 

Therefore, it remains a necessity to scour the internet to gather credible information about the best brand in the market compliant with state laws. Despite not guaranteeing full protection, you will be better off someone not wearing a helmet when an accident happens. 

Seek Professional Help When Hurt

Though accidents confuse many victims, the first action you should take is to seek professional advice after an accident. If you’ve got minor injuries, do first aid to the affected areas. In case you have severe ones, seek medication as early as possible.

Aside from seeking medication, you should engage your lawyer about happening. He/she will advise you on the necessary steps to take. The lawyer can come to the accident site to help you with knowing who was on the wrong side of the road, causing the accident and necessary actions to take.

If you have to spend some time in the hospital, the lawyer may take your case with the insurance company to help with the medical bills. And if your motorcycle is damaged, they may seek compensation and argue about other possible compensation you deserve. 

It’s important to be alert when riding, but eventualities also creep in at unexpected times. So, always learn to reach out to professionals immediately an accident happens to find help while everything is still manageable. 


Despite having these helmet basics at your fingertips, you should know that implementation is critical rather than having the knowledge. It would be best if you always strived to do the right thing when riding your motorcycle on the roads.

Always wear a helmet, abide by the state law, however costly it is, be alert on the road not to engage in the wrong practices and seek professional help when an accident happens. If you can follow these simple practices, you’ll always have a smooth ride and long for more riding excursions.


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