How to Shop for Truck Wheels?

Are trucks your thing? If so, here’s a step-by-step guide for choosing the best rims and tires from AmericanTrucks (AT). This step-by-step video shopping guide for narrowing down the best wheel set up is hosted by Justin Dugan. The new video clearly explains how truck owners choose the correct wheels and the right size tires for their truck’s suspension, including any additional accessories that may be needed for a seamless installation.  Customers can also take advantage of AT’s wheel and tire packages which include mounting and balancing at no extra cost. With free shipping, wheels will arrive in 2-3 business days ready to be mounted right out of the box.

As the video shows, customers can start their search on AT’s wheel and tire pages where they can use filters to narrow down their options. The handy stance graphic accompanying the product images shows how the wheels and tires will sit in relation to the wheel well or fender. Once the specific wheel is selected from the product page, detailed product information will be available. Navigating to one of the specific tire setups leads the customer to an image showing the truck’s stance post-install, along with any adjustments and recommendations. Below that is a list of tires available at various price points and the option to choose from all-season, all-terrain or mud trail tires. Justin highlights each tread type, explaining the pros and cons of each one. Justin wraps up the video by highlighting additional options such as truck lift kits, free mounting and balancing, lug nuts, syncing tools, and a flashcal, used to correct the speedometer based on the size of the tire.

AT’s new video helps truck owners sift through their ever-growing product selection with professional advice and practical tips for every stage of the buying process.  AT’s customer build pages provide inspiration with hundreds of images and the exact modifications used. AT’s dedicated wheel and tire customer service team is on standby to answer questions and offer support for a positive buying experience.


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