Thinking of A Staycation Road Trip? These Top Tips Can Help

With everything that’s going on at the moment, it can be hard to find a reliable foreign holiday. If the location is on the government’s list of approved destinations then great. But a lot of people are deciding to stay in their own country and find somewhere nice closer to home. It’s a good opportunity to see places close to home. There are some wonderful places to see too, so don’t worry about whether or not there are places to go, because you’ll find some which compete with those abroad. It all depends how far you want to drive. Whether in a prestige car or your family vehicle, there are certain steps you need to take when going long distances in your car. Of course, going in the car has huge benefits. You’ll be your own boss in terms of travel time etc. You can get off the beaten track and see other things which most tourists won’t due to the freedom you have. These tips can ensure you get the best out of your trip. You might have already considered some, which is great. Even so, read on and the tips might be able to help shift your perspective so you’ve got your brain in the right gear.

What Are You Taking?

What you want to take depends whether you can take certain cars. For example if you have a family of four you might be limited in terms of what luggage you take. This is especially the case if you want to take bikes. Some might not even be suitable for your car, you can visit Sports Bike Shop for some examples. Try to work out how much luggage etc. you can take before the day of departure. There’s nothing worse than last minute panic before you set out. If you’re only going for a few days you should be fine. However, if you’re going for a longer period you might need to think about some luggage considerations. You can always utilise the roof rack too, don’t forget about that especially if you have the equipment for installation already set up. In the extreme situations where you don’t think you’ll be able to hold enough luggage, consider just taking two cars. This is especially useful on a long trip because it means that everyone gets more space in the car and it makes for a far more comfortable ride all around. 


Research Your Destination

Some places are far more car friendly than others. There are some hotels you can book which don’t have car parks, leaving you to find, and potentially pay for somewhere else. Some places may not have parking close by, or may force you to park somewhere potentially unsafe or dangerous. If you’re going in your car, you need to ensure that you do the research before you leave otherwise you could end up driving around in circles looking for the perfect location. For most places you’ll be alright, especially if you know the area. The inner city brakes are the ones you want to watch out for though because space, especially parking space, can often be at a premium. There are all kinds of forums online which can help, but you can also just pick up the phone and ask the receptionist at your potential hotel. Dedicated parking is always nice and gives you peace of mind. 

Long Term Preparation

If you’re going on a longer kind of road trip, where you might be visiting multiple areas or hotels, you need to ensure your car is up to scratch. This means you need to check your vehicle. If you haven’t had a service for a while this could be the perfect opportunity to do so. If you don’t want a surface, you need to check the tyres. Make sure they have enough tread on them by measuring, and also ensure they’re properly inflated. Then check your wipers. Ensure they properly clear the window otherwise if it rains you might not be able to see. Not ideal if your on the motorway. Check your fluids. This means oil, brake fluid, engine coolant, etc. Once you’re happy with all of this you’ll be good to go. Having the peace of mind always makes quite the difference to your confidence driving too, and is something you should do often, not just before a main road trip. You should always make sure you know how to change a flat tyre. Know where the spare is located. Make sure you have your insurance details to hand too in case you need it. Also, if you are with a breakdown firm, make sure that you know the details and in what situations they’ll cover you for. Most are quite good, but some only cover certain locations such as a specific distance away from your home. 

Going Camping?

Usually, camping sites provide a good area for parking. This is usually on site and close to your pitch site. Sometimes you can even park alongside where you intend to pitch. If you’re going free campling, where you go and pitch up somewhere in the wild, it might be a little harder to find the right parking spot. Getting out into the wilds is nice, but you need to make sure your car is well equipped. Tyres are really important here if you’re going off road. Make sure you have the right ones fitted. You also need to ensure you know what you’re doing if you’re going to snowy climbs. Chains on the tyres is always a safe bet as a starter but driving in the snow isn’t easy. If you’re going really deep into nature, you’d be better off with a car that can support four wheel drive. You also need to take some emergency equipment with you. Torches, blankets, spare petrol, etc. It’s always best if you tell family and friends where you are going. This way if something bad happens they will be able to alert the authorities. Driving off road is always fun, you just need to be sure you’ve done your research beforehand so no accidents happen. 


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