MKIII-R Cobra Continuation Car

We’re told not to not fix what is broken and to not mess with perfection, but sometimes its worth it. Superformance takes this to a whole new level with its latest Shelby Cobra reproduction. Instead of simply recreating the Shelby-licensed car as it was in 1965, Superformance added a few updates to give it a significantly more modern appearance.

Superformance is the only company licensed by Shelby to build modern-day replicas of Cobras and give them the same iconic look. Painted in Atlantic Blue-colored livery (which rather lovely), this beauty is knows as the MKIII-R Cobra. A gorgeous striped paint job finishes off a Cobra sure to spin the heads of Shelby aficionados and car neophytes alike.

You have a choice between 5.0-litre, 5.7-litre, 7.0 and 7.5-litre Ford V8s. This outstanding car has a ladder frame steel chassis and two-thirds of the steel monocoque of this MKIII-R can be interchanged with an original GT40.

The MKIII-R has the original Cobra’s shape and wheelbase along with new fenders with large air vents featuring optional strakes, a prominent hood scoop, a large rear diffuser, and a front splitter which have been fitted by Superformance. The MKIII-R also has fully independent front and rear suspension with adjustable Bilstein coilovers and the car also has steel tube reinforcements in all the openings

The interior is just as good as the exterior. Inside you will find French-stitched seats with a blue-accented thread, leather on the transmission tunnel and power steering because you will also drive the car. Superformance have also blessed the car with LED headlights and 18in wheels, the Ford V8 that you will choose will be mated to Tremec five-speed transmission or Ford top loader four-speed transmissions.

The Superformance MKIII-R Cobra will cost you $79,900 without any engine. So, it isn’t exactly within our price range at the moment but its definitely included in our car heaven. What do you think of the MKIII-R? We think Superformance have done a beautiful job with this iconic car!


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One thought on "MKIII-R Cobra Continuation Car"

  • Laurence says:

    I will politely disagree with Will about the South African Superformance Cobra. It is a nice sports car in its own right, with loads of power whether with a small or big block engine. However, as an enthusiast of the real Shelby AC Cobras (don’t forget AC’s important role…very suppressed by Mr. Shelby)), it is but a Cobra-INSPIRED car that isn’t built in the Superleggera fashion of a tubular chassis connected to a steel frame/skeleton, clothed in aluminium. Even its shape is very altered…with reworked wheel arches, an extra 3-4 inches in the rocker panel area (that gives it a bloated “pregnant” look), an air-intake opening that is perfectly symmetrical, as opposed to the real thing… If you want an accurate replica, check out a Kirkham. A less expensive fibreglass replica with an incorrect chassis, but incredibly accurate looks on the outside and interior, check out an ERA. The Superformance has a very incorrect interior as well. While the Superformance Mk III is but a Cobra-inspired, but well-engineered high performance car, the company’s small-block 1963 Cobra is a very accurate replica visually, that also duplicates the Togeiro/AC chassis, while giving the customer a fibreglass body not mounted on a Superleggera frame.

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