Buying a New Used Car: 3 Things to Look Out For

Purchasing a used car rather than a brand new, straight off the market motor can save hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. However, it’s important to run all the important checks beforehand so that the purchase doesn’t come back to haunt you.

Here are some useful tips on what car-buyers should look out for to ensure they’re getting the best deal, and to ensure they won’t regret their purchase.

  1. Cheapest Cars to Run

The first and biggest factor that contributes towards a purchase is what car the buyer can afford. However, what they don’t tend to consider is the running costs that go alongside the car itself, such as insurance and MOT costs.

Larger engines burn more fuel, so the smaller ones are usually cheaper to run. Also, petrol is cheaper than diesel, and although there isn’t a huge difference bar a couple of quid per tank, over time this could make a huge difference to someone’s savings, especially if they have a longer daily commute to work.

However, some cars that are more expensive to purchase may help you save more in the long run, such as a hybrid car. Hybrids have cheaper tax rates and also run on mainly electric, so there’s no need to spend as much on petrol/diesel.

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2. Vehicle History Check

Everyone buying a new used car should check the vehicle history. This will ensure that you know whether the vehicle has ever been written off, if there’s any car finance still owed and whether the car had been reported stolen.

Ask the seller for the car’s reg number, MOT test number, mileage and the make and model so that you’re able to use the DVLA’s free information checker. You’re then able to check whether the seller gave you the correct info that matches the DVLA.  However, it is worth the small fee for a used car check, just to ensure that everything is fine and something such as the above worst-case scenario won’t happen.

3. Checking the Car

We would usually recommend checking the car beforehand, although that may not be possible right now with the current situation. However, when we are back to normal and you’re first task is to purchase a new car, then you should definitely ensure that you view it in person before committing.

If you found the car online, then you should view it beforehand, preferably in the day rather than night so that you’re able to see the car in bright light and spot any dents or rust. Don’t just have a wander around the car and say, “it’ll do” – have a good look at it.

Check things such as mileage and repairs and of course, check that the tyres won’t need to be replaced any time soon.

Make sure you test everything. Test the locks on both sets of keys from both inside and outside, test the radio, check the tyres and check all of the lights. You need to be thorough. Plus, if the seller didn’t mention these minor faults, you don’t know what else they’re being dishonest about.


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