Driving in bad weather? Follow these 6 simple tips

For many, the idea of driving in snow, hail, ice, fog or heavy rain conditions is pretty nerve racking. No one enjoys travelling in poor weather conditions, but when you have somewhere you need to be, it’s unfortunately inevitable. 

With winter on the way, it’s a good idea for motorists to ensure that they have the information they need to stay safe on the roads. The last thing anyone wants is to be in a traffic collision – if you’re looking for a car accident lawyer in Valdosta then click the link – however if you adhere to some simple driving tips, then you should hopefully have the confidence to drive competently in adverse weather conditions. Read on for 6 simple tips for driving in bad weather. 


Slow down

It’s imperative that you drive to the weather conditions, so if your visibility is impaired due to fog or heavy rain, or the road is icy, and handling isn’t good then slowing down is the obvious choice. Drive at a speed that you’re comfortable at and don’t feel pressured by other drivers, everyone just wants to get to where they need to be in once piece.


Avoid tailgating 

Likewise if you find yourself stuck behind a driver who is being cautious due to the weather conditions, give them plenty of room to manoeuvre. The distance of two car lengths is often advised, as this gives you plenty of time to stop if the car in front suddenly slams on their brakes – it’ll stop you going into the back of them!  Not only that, but you can also use their headlights to see what is coming up.


Turn into a skid

Loosing control of your car and feeling it begin to skid and turn is frightening. But remain calm. If you’re feeling the car move to the left, then remove your foot from the gas and turn the steering wheel gently in the same direction. The car should hopefully right itself.


Flooded areas

After heavy rainfall there will probably be plenty of standing water around. And as you approach a large body of water, it won’t be possible to gauge how deep it is. Because of this it’s advisable to avoid driving through it. Even if you see other vehicles trying. Once water gets into your cars engine it’ll will shut off, leaving you potentially stranded. 


Test your brakes

Driven through a deep puddle? Dry your brakes off by gently pushing the pedal. This should dry them off and not jeopardise your stopping power.


Stock an emergency kit

Sometimes things happen that are out of your control. Whether that’s being stuck in traffic for hours due to an overturned lorry, or conditions that are so bad that you and other drivers are forced to sit until it has passed. Stock an emergency kit in your car that contains, blankets, torches, jump cables, a tow rope, dry food, water, tissues, and even an extra layer of warm clothes. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Hope these tips have helped you.  If you have any top tips let us know in the comments below.


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