5 types of signs all road users should take special note

All good motorists are vigilant and aware of road signs. When they see one, they quickly understand what they mean and take the relevant action. Driving responsibly, like this, keeps everyone safe. But, inevitably, we all get a bit lax at times. Without doing so consciously many of us do not notice every sign. This is especially the case on routes we are very familiar with. With this in mind, we thought we would share with you the five signs that are most commonly not noticed by motorists. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to check if you are doing this and adjust your behaviour accordingly.

Fire lane signs

Signs like these are right up there on the list. The problem is that you do not see many of them around. As a result, a lot of motorists are not 100% sure of what action they need to take when they see one. If you fall into this category, go online and find out. Knowing what you should do, will help to keep you and others safe.

Speed signs

We all know what speed signs are and most of us are 100% clear of what they mean. But, a lot of us fail to obey them, at least on occasion. If you have fallen into this bad habit it is worth changing it now. Speed limits are there to prevent accidents, so it is always best to obey them.

It is also worth testing how attentive you are when it comes to these signs. It is surprising how many drivers do not see all of them. The next time you are in the car with your kids, get them to call out each speed sign they see. Initially, you will have seen all of them. But, as they journey progresses the chances are your kids will call out one you have not noticed. This is particularly the case when travelling on familiar routes. We all kind of zone out and miss things as a result.

Stop signs

If you have ever just slowed down when you come to a stop sign pause for a minute and think about the consequences of doing so. Nine times out of ten you will get away with it or only experience a near miss. 

But, on that tenth occasion, you could easily kill someone. Motorcyclists and bike riders are particularly vulnerable at junctions. They are narrow, so are not easy to see. If you stop every time, you are highly unlikely to accidentally hit one.

Handicap parking signs

This is a sad one, but the temptation is there for all of us. No matter how much of a rush you are in check before you pull up that you are not parking in a handicap space. The more road users respect these spaces the better it is for society as a whole. Being able to park reliably is what enables many handicap people to get out and do things independently.

Slippery when wet signs

These signs are often ignored because most of the time you do not have to adjust how you drive. On a sunny day, you do not have to watch your speed more carefully, because when dry the surface is as stable as any other piece of road. As a result, we mentally flick over slippery when wet signs. On a wet day, this can turn out to be a fatal mistake.

Periodically test your signage knowledge

To make yourself more road sign aware and astute, we suggest that you periodically test your knowledge. If you live in the UK, you can do so by clicking this link.


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