The top 10 Cars I’d like to drive most, on show at the London Concours 2019

The London Concours, in its third year, saw more than 120 rare and exotic cars, supercars, hypercars and classic cars, gather on the lawns of the Honourable Atillery Club, London.  This certainly is my car heaven.In just a few years since its debut in 2017,  the London Concours has some would say grown into the Capital’s top automotive garden party and a hospitality occasion like no other.

All our photos can be seen on our Facebook page – London Concours 2019 Album.  Videos from the event will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel.

Further to my previous post, Our Top 10 Cars at the London Concours 2019, in which we ranked by the cars we’d most like to own, here’s our top 10 cars that we’d most like to drive, that were on show at the London Concours 2019.

1990 Ferrari F40 LM

Raw, brutal, power.  A drivers car.  No aids and assistance, just as it should be.

1995 McLaren F1

Well, I’d be certified mad if I did not include this.  Who wouldn’t want to drive the legend?  Second car in, and yes I’d also like to drive the P1 in front of it.

Ferrari 288 GTO

A pure Ferrari as I like them. Raw, made for a single purpose, to go fast. Drive it like you stole it…

1978 Lotus 79

The first ground effect car to win the F1 championship. With the unmistakable JPS livery.  Super cool.

1987 Lotus 99T

First car with active suspension.  A beauty.  A car driven by the legend Aryton Senna.  Yes please.

1966 Lotus 38

First monocoque chassis. Indy 500 car. With only two gears, one to get you started, the other to go full beans, you have to have big balls to give it some in this. I’d be up for the challenge.

2014 Bugatti Veyron

Great colours, and who would not want to say they’ve driven above 200mph. Black and turquoise, go on then…

2014 McLaren P1

Well who wouldn’t?  It would be good so see the difference between this and the F1.  Money no object though, I’d prefer to own the F1.

1991 Jaguar XJR15

It looks like it would be a rocket.  Love to take this for a spin around the track.  Not sure I’d want to drive it on the road though.

1955 Jaguar D-Type

In Ecurie Ecosse racing colours. Of course. A pure racing car.

And a few that just missed out…

1953 Jaguar C-Type

Great-Marques – Jaguar, winner.

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