What Should Businesses Investigate Before Building Their Vehicle Fleet?

The process of building a fleet of vehicles comes with many things to consider. While there’s been a great deal of uncertainty around the auto industry in recent times due to events like Brexit, many firms out there are still trying to create a worthy assembly of cars, buses and/or vans to make their companies more mobile.

For example, McGill’s recently invested £4.75 million in 26 new buses just last March, so there’s clearly room for opportunity where fleet vehicles are concerned. But what steps need to be taken to ensure it all goes well?

Consequently, here’s what businesses should investigate before building their own vehicle fleet.


Licences and Qualifications

There’s no sense in establishing a corporate fleet of vehicles if you don’t have the staff, or authorisation, to utilise each vehicle. Otherwise, you have wasteful stock out there, and if you’ve purchased the vehicles instead of leasing them, you’ll find yourself lumped with rapidly depreciating vehicles that serve no other purpose than to rust away outside.

While it might seem like an obvious place to begin, ensure that all your staff are licenced, certified and qualified to handle your vehicles and what’s inside them. All the paperwork needs to be verified, such as driving licences, trading goods licences, insurance coverage, and even the skills pertaining to other aspects of their job. Only with legitimate staff can a vehicle fleet be utilised to its full potential, so research what’s legally required of your company and each individual worker here before making your moves.


HPI Check

You should conduct thorough background checks on not only your staff but on the vehicles, you’re interested in too. You can do this by carrying out an HPI check, and companies like Cap HPI can do this on your behalf. In a short period of time, you can be supplied with all the information you could ever wish to know about the fleet vehicles you’re interested in.

Remember, it’s widely believed that 1 in 3 vehicles have an issue that’s hidden from a potential buyer, or at the very least some drawback that’s worth hiding. Therefore, it’s down to you to make sure that every detail about a car, van or bus you’re intrigued by is unearthed in a quick and reliable fashion. If you utilise a third party HPI check, you’ll get the rundown in no time at all!


Greener Means?

It’s possible to have a fleet of vehicles without causing a stir in the environment or public sphere. You can achieve this by investing in green cars, for example. While greater care might need to be taken here in terms of maintenance, this can really bolster your firm’s reputation for the better!

In addition to benefitting the environment, going green is quite a trendy (and thus marketable) business decision to make in modern times. It could well impress customers and clients, and significantly improve your firm’s standing amongst anyone who’s thinking of doing business with you. Investigate if greener vehicles are a possibility for your fleet, and work from there!


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