Donington Historic Festival 2019 starts today.

Putting the spotlight on the second batch of fantastic grids for you to enjoy over the Bank Holiday weekend of May 3rd, 4th and 5th at this year’s Donington Historic Festival – plus details of their updated timetable.



Beefy pre-1991 British and European Touring Cars battling it out on track at Donington Park – what could be better? Touring Car greats such as Steve Soper and Patrick Watts regularly compete, and the Motor Racing Legends series pays tribute to another great name from the classic tin-top era with the Tony Dron Trophy, in honour of the ‘70s Touring Car ace and Le Mans sports car driver. In true Dron style, nobody hangs about, with wheel-to-wheel action right across the classes.

What to expect out on the track?

Plenty of Ford Capris, BMW M3s and Rover SDIs, not to mention Chevrolet Camaros and Triumph Dolomite Sprints. These are real race cars that competed in period and they are raced very hard indeed.

When to see them at DHF 2019?

Qualifying is at 11.40 on Friday 3rd May, and the action-packed 60-minute race starts at 10.45 on Sunday 5th May.



Classic David vs Goliath track action from another fabulously enjoyable HRDC grid.

What to expect out on the track?

Ford Mustangs and Falcons will power round Donington Park as nimble Mini Coopers weave amongst them and Lotus Cortinas and Austin A40 and A35 Speedwells throw themselves into the mix with enthusiasm.

When to see them at DHF 2019?
Qualifying is at 17.15 on Friday 3rd May, and this wonderfully entertaining grid rounds off the 2019 Donington Historic Festival action with the final race of the weekend – a 45-minute battle starting at 16.25 on Sunday 5th May.



In Motor Racing Legends’ fabulous series drivers compete for the actual cup that Sir Stirling Moss won in the 1955 British Grand Prix. The straight-six, V8 and V12 engines sound amazing – and these purpose-built, pre-61 sports-racers look every bit as good as they sound!

What to expect out on the track?
You’re likely to see a mighty bundle of Listers thundering towards Redgate when the lights go green, but watch out also for Lola Mk1 Prototypes, Elvas and Rejos and a Lotus XI or two.

When to see them at DHF 2019?
Qualifying is at 16.35 on Friday 3rd May, with the 60-minute race starting at 15.10 on Sunday 5th May.



This very glamorous race series features powerful, iconic machines all running to genuine pre-1963 specification. It’s like a classic car wishlist on steroids.

What to expect out on the track?
Expect to see such beauties as Short Wheelbase Ferraris, DB4GT Astons, AC Cobras, AC Aces, MGA Twincams, SZ Alfas, Lotus Elites and E-type Jaguars and a Ferrari 250 GT ‘Breadvan’.

When to see them at DHF 2019?
Qualifying is at 14.55 on Friday 3rd May, with a spectacular 60-minute race starting at 13.20 on Sunday 4th May.



The HSCC’s Jaguar Classic Challenge is a real treat. A full grid of big cats prowling round Donington Park is guaranteed to have Jaguar fans purring with delight.

What to expect out on the track?
Expect to see XK series, C-types, D-types, Mk1 and Mk11 saloons and pre ’66 E-types, all running to original specification, sharpening their claws and taking to the track. Miaow!

When to see them at DHF 2019?
Qualifying is at 14.15 on Friday 3rd May, and the 60-minute race begins at 09.45 on Saturday 4th May.



The latest version of the timetable has been released – check it out so you can plan your visit!

Advance discounted tickets are available through our website. Why not book now and save on the on-the-day prices?


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