Win a pair of tickets to the 2019 Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show

This is a competition for those regular visitors to our site, as it it will be only run for 3 weeks, so enter fast.

We are delighted to bring two readers the chance to win a pair of tickets to the 2019 Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show, that will be bigger and better than ever before.  From rusty wrecks to stunning cars worth a fortune, the Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show, held at Birmingham’s NEC on 22-24 March 2019, has it all with over 1000 classic cars on display.

To win a pair of tickets to the 2019 Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show simply tell us what two classic cars you’d love to own and why?  To make it interesting the cars have to fit into these approx. price brackets: £0-10,000, £50,000 to £100,000.


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11 comments on "Win a pair of tickets to the 2019 Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show"

  • Colin Dixon. says:

    MG A and Sunbeam alpine, why, I just love the style ,and that chrome priceless cars to own

  • Chris Hall says:

    Lotus Cortina MK1 great reliable car.
    Triumph TR6 maybe not so reliable but a true traditional sports car

  • Jon Stokoe says:

    Hello Will, I’ve never seen an E-Type for that sort of price either, more’s the shame! Given that I wouldn’t get a Jupiter for less than £10,000 or for more than £50,000, that’s why I plumped for the E-Type but for the second, more expensive option.

  • Richard Tatton says:

    For under £10,000 I’d like an Austin 7 saloon in really good condition (ie better than mine) so that I could tour Europe and for £50,000-£100,000 I’d like a 1904 Beeston Humber 10/12 hp to enter the London to Brighton veteran car run as my grandfather worked on veteran cars.

  • DAVID TERRY says:

    Jaguar XJ6 would be my choice for £0-10,000 and my top choice for £50,000 to £100,000 would be a super sleek E-Type Roadster – would love to go to the show!

  • Will Wynn says:

    Hi Jon, Where can you by an E-Type for less than £30k? I’ve never seen one in the last decade for that money.

  • Jon Stokoe says:

    I’d love to own a Jowett Javelin – my father has one. I could think of nothing better than going for a drive out around the North Yorkshire Moors with him. Or going in convoy on a rally abroad, that is top of my bucket list. I hear the Jowett Car Club is at the show and always puts on a good stand so it would be great to see a Javelin up nice and close and to quiz them on restoration.

    Secondly, I would aim for an E-Type Jaguar. I just don’t think any car comes close to being as beautiful (barring the Jowett Jupiter of course – that would be my ULTIMATE car to own but comes in at between £15,000, £30,000). The E-Type is such a head turner… and the noise it makes, terrific!

  • Graham Rainbow says:

    For the £0-10,000, my car a 1997 Saab 9000 CS Areo, the quickest car I have ever driven – I just need to get it back on the road again….
    As for the other category, an E-type convertible. One day…..

  • Aiden McHaffie says:

    My car already fits into the £0 – 10,000 bracket and it would be my choice. The MG TF 160. MG didn’t have to go the extra mile to produce the 160 but the did anyway. It is the culmination of years of development on a budget with British doggedness and several pints of IPA at afternoon lunch.
    Big brakes? Yup, reworked head? Yup, Better pistons? Yup, larger throttle body? Yup. An ECU that could be tinkered with? Yup… Oh and can we have a rev counter that goes to 11…… Nope will 7250 do? Yup. Everything about the TF 160 is two fingers to the multi million pound development budgets of overseas companies and it works, and it is different and it is British. The perfect budget sports car; I think so.
    For my £50,000 to £100,000 I’m going British again and MG again (yes I even have an old MG baseball cap and jacket resplendent with the X-Power branding. Although this car was actually built on the continent and powered by an American engine. The MG X-power SV, is not was, excuse the language, Batshit Crazy. The afternoon session down the pub had turned into a lock-in. The dry roasted peanut display had been emptied and they were now on the Scampi Fries. The rationale behind this beast is lost in the annals of time. Rear wheel drive, two door super coupe, huge American engine, capable of 1000hp if need be but served in a more civilised 400 ish horses (no doubt to satisfy the bean counters who were asleep in a corner with visible dribbles of sick down their jaws, they also nicked the lights from an a couple of Fiats just for the giggles. It sounds like a mish modge but the finished article is better than the sum of its’ parts. With enough testosterone presence to make a body builder put a jumper on and yet pretty enough to make people stop and stare.
    If I ever had the money this would be my car of choice, it says everything about what the British car industry could have been.

  • JOANNA TERRY says:

    MORRIS 1000 Traveller as my Grandad owned one and a 1966 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000 MK3 as they are just so sleek with the bubble style front I love in a classic car!!!

  • Mr Nicholas Craig Bootle says:

    A 1960s Ford Mustang like the film Bullitt, and a 1960s Dodge Charger just like The General Lee in The Dukes Of Hazard. This kind of nostalgia can bring fond memories from films gone by.

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