Why Paying for Parking Can Be Simple—Modern Solutions That Work

For far too long the dwellers of the big cities have known nothing but inconvenience when it comes to paying for parking. We either don’t have the right change or end up having to walk miles to the nearest cash machine just to be able to exit the space.

Thankfully, certain advances in technology are making paying for parking easier and more efficient than ever. We’ve taken a closer look at all the diverse ways you can now make use of public parking structures without the hassle.


Benefits of Paying Parking

It’s easy to get annoyed at the notion of having to pay to publicly park your vehicle. But when you start to add up the benefits of services such as public lots, parking structures and metered parking it’s easy to see why we need to rather embrace their existence.

Some of the most notable benefits of paying parking are as follows:

  • Safety: An obvious one. Safety of your vehicle while out and about gives great peace of mind especially when venturing through unfamiliar areas. Knowing that for a small fee your car is taken care of for the duration of your visit is entirely worth it, in our opinion.
  • Economic Growth: Parking meters, paid lots and mall parking pay a percentage of their profits as tariffs to the city. This is put toward the further advancement of roads and infrastructure, so that you’re always, in a way, contributing to the improvement of the community by paying your fees.
  • Job Creation: Paid parking lots and services create jobs where there previously wouldn’t have been any. In spite of most payment points being automated, human beings are still required to run the show and facilitate the daily operation.
  • Traffic Control: Many people don’t think about what paying for parking does to a busy city centre. Knowing you’ll have to pay for parking on arrival tends to sway people into making use of public transport instead. This means fewer cars on the roads and less congestion into & out of the space.

 Now, let’s discuss how these systems can be optimized.


Parking Payment Machines

One of the most common encounters many of us have on a daily basis are parking payment machines. Be it at the mall, the gym or even your place of work; it’s likely you’ve grown largely familiar with these devices.

It’s the progression of the technology behind these machines that has led to paying for parking becoming more of a pleasure than a chore. The abilities of these machines have dramatically increased over recent years and they’re more versatile than ever.

Since paying for parking is only growing more widespread, it’s likely that our payment options will continue to do so as well. What follows are the most common forms of payments that are making life much easier in the parking game.


Credit Cards

A few years ago the concept of paying for parking with a credit card was almost a laughable idea. The thought that this mechanical giant could use your magnetic strip to bounce a payment off a satellite in space? No chance!

The reality is, however, paid parking machines such as the ones installed by Advance Access are doing this and far more today.

We now have the luxury of not worrying about having cash because our credit, and most debit cards can get the job done. This is great for individuals who have never been comfortable carrying cash in the first place.

Parking payment machines usually don’t ask for pin codes either, which is incredibly efficient and time saving. In fact, some parking payment machines are equipped with the new “tap and go” feature that has replaced the conventional speed point in restaurants and shops. Simply tap your card against the device and proceed out of the parking structure.



Since cash and coins are still viable options when it comes to making payment we must mention them.

While many people are moving away from this mode of payment, there are still a few who value the experience of carrying cash. Therefore parking payment machines will likely accept cash for the foreseeable future. Cash is also a great back up in the event of a card becoming faulty.


Mobile Phone Payments 

Here’s a very new method of making payments and perhaps the most efficient one yet. Using your cellular device to pay for parking is growing in popularity. Since you almost always have your cellphone with you, it only makes sense that you should be able to make payments with these devices in this day and age.

Barcode enabled scanning systems are fast becoming the more popular way to make electronic payments. By scanning the code with your SmartPhone you’ll be linked to a payment option and money is transferred almost instantly.

This method is effective, but there’s also another unique way you can try: Customers insert their cellphone numbers by using an electronic keypad. The keypad and computer will keep track of the time spent in the parking. When it’s time to leave, you as the driver will be able to transfer funds directly using your cellphone number and pay your parking instantly.

This is a great new method of payment as it eliminates any direct link to one’s bank account. It makes it safer for the customer to use in dangerous neighbourhoods here you don’t want to carry cash, cards or any direct cellular link to your money. The future really is here.

This proves that paying for parking can and should be incredibly simple. It’s all about implementing the right systems and software to handle the amount of traffic being experienced.

There are many efficient payment solutions available that can make your parking experience very simple. If you, your community or your customers don’t find it simple to pay for parking yet, it’s time for an upgrade.

Parking being a pain in the neck is a thing of the past. Look for these alternate means of payment around your city today!


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