Win a pair of tickets to Race Retro 2019

It’s competition time again.  This time we are delighted to be able to offer two pairs of tickets to the 2019 Race Retro classic car show.

Race Retro is a must attend event for any Rally Driving, Motorsport or Classic Car fan.  You’ll see wonderful cars and be able to get up close to sporting personalities in a very relaxed environment.  It’s very very cool.

So get your 2019 motorsport season off to a great start at Race Retro!

Guest celebrities and motorsport legends will be on hand throughout the weekend ensuring enthusiasts are entertained with interviews and anecdotes from the halcyon days of racing.

Invest in a piece of motorsport history, with a visit to the Silverstone Auction sale offering the finest classic cars, modern supercars, all types of competition cars, modern and historic motorcycles and automobilia.

Prefer two-wheeled motorsport?  There will be displays from the UK’s best motorcycle clubs as well as a chance for individual owners to shine in the Pride of Ownership competition.

Visit hundreds of trade stands offering everything you need for the coming season – be it new helmets and race suits, parts and spares for your racing vehicle or more motorsport memorabilia to add to your collection.

To win a pair of tickets tell us what is your favourite motorsport or rally car of all time and why? 

To start you off, our favourite rally car of all time is the Lancia 037, and in Motorsport I love the John Player Special F1 cars (below), both  cars I move the look of and they sound immense.


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15 comments on "Win a pair of tickets to Race Retro 2019"

  • Joe Walker says:

    My favourite racing car wasn’t particularly successful. I don’t even think its driver even rated it that highly. But when I first saw the Ford Honker II CanAm car, I was blown away. The coolest looking car I’ve ever seen, with the coolest sponsor/backer sitting proudly on its nose – Paul Newman. Built by Alan Mann Racing, prepped by Holman Moody and raced by Mario, it really should have done so much better. Still looks a million dollars though…

  • Tim Storr says:

    I would have also chosen the John Player Special Lotus as driven by Elio de Angelis (RIP). As Will has already chosen a JPS Lotus I will name the Ferrari P4 from the 1967 Le Mans. An absolutely beautiful car and so evocative of the time.

  • Darren Record says:

    Favourite rally car has to be from Group B, all of which was just incredible. I am going with the last two wheeled drive car to be succesfull, the Lancia 037, (Totip or Martini colours). Despite the increasing presence of the 4 wheel drive supercars this car succeeded, it some how feels purer as a result. Favourite racer, got to be the McLaren F1 GTR, for the soundtrack as much as the achievement. There was a blue “Jacardi” sponsored one at Lemans in 95 or 96 that sounded slightly edgier, more raw and every time it went through the esses after the Dunlop bridge it was “blipped” between the curves. The noise was so immediate and sharp, a staccato stiffener, it made each lap an anticipation of that noise and the resultant spine tingling pleasure it brought (despite the bloody awful weather)

  • Shaun Lawry says:

    Favourite Rally era Group B of course, the Audi Quattro S1 and in motorsport I’m going for the ultimate F1 soundtrack of a V10 Honda in the Senna’s championship winning McLaren MP4-5B

  • Aiden McHaffie says:

    My favourite rally car of all time is Andy Burton’s Peugeot Cosworth. Self built without the limitless budget of other teams it was a car that would draw fans into the UK forests just to glimpse the red and black monster. The sound was from the gates of hell and it shredded the stage fighting for grip to propel itself toward the next corner. If you claimed it breathed fire no one would have disputed your story. It epitomised the British spirit of sticking it to the man and was only vanquished by “The Man” changing the rules. Nothing in the last decade has come close to the spectacle of the Peugeot Cosworth and as it slips into folklore, the merest posting of a grainy video clip on FaceTube has grown men melting at the knees. Andy Burton: ally fans genuflect at your brilliance.

  • Graham Lomax says:

    My favourite rally car of all time is the Lancia Stratos. When they first appeared they
    looked like nothing else had before. The ferrari engine was something else,
    and they won. Compared to the saloon car based cars of the time they were
    from another planet.

  • Tim Sawyer says:

    Its hard to limit it to just one car and so many great cars have already been mentioned, i have brilliant memories of waiting to see Colin McRae fly by in the Subaru and in Network Q winning years the atmosphere in the forests was just electric but for me my favorite rally car is the GroupA Escort Cosworth in Michelin Pilot colors, i spend my first night sleeping in the back of an estate car waiting to see Malcolm Wilson on the Vauxhall Rally of Wales in the early 90s at the age 10. Standing at the double junction in Dyfnant hearing the group A car popping and bang through the forest was just amazing and then seeing the bright yellow front end appear around the corning, the car on my bedroom wall had come to life, and just like that it was gone again but wow what an experience.

  • Kelly Childs says:

    My favourite rally car is the Lancia Delta Integrale, My colleague imported a left hand drive model to the UK and I had a lift home with him a couple of times. It took my breath away and It scared the *&*p out of me at the same time!


    Roger Clarke’s Mk 1 Ford Escort. Who doesn’t like a bit of old school rallying to release the inner hooligan! And learn a lot about rwd slide 🙂

  • Samuel Alan says:

    My favourite rally car is the Leyland Triumph TR7 with the V8 engine.
    In motorsport I would say my favourite car is Jacky Ickx’s Ferrari 312B V12, such an incredible sound!

  • Mark Lee says:

    Audi Quattro A1 Group B, as driven by Hannu Mikkola (accompanied by co-driver Arne Hertz) to win the 1981 Lombard RAC Rally from second placed Ari Vatenan/David Richards in the Ford Escort Mk 2 RS1800 by over 11 minutes. The Quattro was a game changer in world rallying and in the era without pace notes when crews competed day and night through classic rally territory in Wales and northern England. I still recall first hand experience of seeing Mikkola pilot the Quattro through the Welsh forests, with the smell of Castrol R hanging in the air. History in the making. Even today, Hannu remains my all-time hero and a 20V Quattro in bright red remains one of my ultimate road cars i’d love to own. The closest I ever got was a 1.8 GTI Coupe, still a superb car (especially when driven ‘enthusiastically’ in a 12 car navigation club event over classic Lake District roads!) ….

  • Rachel Waterhouse says:

    Favourite motorsport car of all time is my Dad’s 1962 Mini Cooper in which he was very successful in the CTCRC Pre 66 Championship. Now 70, he has retired from the track but still tinkers with road Minis!

  • Laurence Bucknall says:

    Ayrton Senna’s McLaren MP4/4 around Spa Grand Prix circuit

  • Will Wynn says:

    Nice choice Chris. What an iconic car.

  • Chris Lunn says:

    My favourite rally car of all time is the Subaru Impreza WRC 97, the first and to my mind the best looking of the Impreza WRCs. Driven by a certain Mr McRae this blue projectile was a sight to behold on the stages. The thrum of the boxer engine and the chirrup of the turbo wastegate was just as evocative as the BDA in an Escort MK2 to my ears and the look of the thing, I don’t think there has been a more pure and good looking WRC car in either the 2 litre or 1.6 litre era.

    The Impreza in Pierro Liatti’s hands won the Monte in 97 the first rally of the WRC car generation however it will be a car forever linked with Colin even if he never won the World Drivers crown with it. Its still a rallycar that gets enthusiasts excited and is highly collectible so will always have a place in the rally hall of fame.

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