How To Lower Those Asking Prices When Buying A New Car

Australians have without a doubt noticed the rising costs of vehicles as new models are being introduced on the market.  It doesn’t help matters that the Australian dollar is struggling, but what can one do?  It is simply not practical to live in Australia, such a vast country, without a vehicle.  Sure, public transportation is always an option, but that is going to suck up a lot of time and outside of the major cities like Sydney, Melbourne etc, forget about it!  This is exactly why you need to save money where you can and when you know the true value of a vehicle before buying it can help you accomplish just that.


How To Get The Real Value Of A Car

Before you just blindly run out to a dealership and start dealing with the pushy salespeople there are several things that you need to already have squared away. First, you need to at least have some idea of the type of vehicle that you want to invest in. Second, you need to know the true value of that car because RRP prices are nothing more than formalities. These dealerships put the prices on the car with the knowledge that they can drop off a few thousand dollars to make it look like they are giving you the deal of a lifetime. So, how does one go about getting the real value of that car? This is where this new Australian website Price My Car comes in handy.


Pricing Is Free

The best thing about the new website is that it is completely free to use. All you have to do is access the website, sign up for a free account, and start searching dealerships for the car that you are looking for. The experts on this site will give you the true value of that car and what you should really expect to pay for it.  Plus they are willing to offer all of this to you for free.


Let The Dealerships Fight Over Your Business

How would you like to have the dealerships competing over your business, rather than you having to hop from dealership to dealership looking for deals? Well, when you take advantage of this Aussie startup Price My Car, that’s something that you can accomplish easy. The website can provide you with access to over 50,000 dealerships located throughout Australia. The website is actually designed to put you in touch with local dealers that want to win your business. At the end of the day, this is going to put you in a betting negotiating position.


Gaining Access To New Dealerships

The website can even give you pricing guides for over 1,000 new car dealers (including Ford, Holden and many more) across Australia. Why is this important and why would you want to buy from a new dealership? Simply put, new dealerships are struggling with sales down 15% in 2018 so more than ever they have need for your business and they are going to work harder for it. They don’t have the reputation of the older dealerships and they will be willing to work twice as hard to gain you as a customer.


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