Some Advice for Buying a Car from Abroad

With so many car dealers in every country, why would anyone want to buy a car from abroad? To save money is the answer. Cars are often sold cheaper in other countries, and if the exchange rate is in your favour too, there is a lot of cash to be saved. Another reason is to own a car that is not available in your own country.

Some people think it is not worth the bother and hassle, but it really does not have to be difficult at all.



Cars purchases anywhere in Europe will have at least one year’s pan-European warranty, with some manufacturers it is two or three years. These warranties will be honoured wherever the car is bought and then if it is moved to another country it is still valid.   However, this can be affected by the way the car is imported, and you may not get the full benefit if it is done in the wrong way. It is best to use a reputable importer to help you, and a car transport service to get it from abroad. That way, you can be confident it will reach you in one piece.

The difference with buying a car in your own country is that the dealer will usually offer you an extended warranty, which of course you have to pay for. This will not be available if you import a car from abroad.


Car Not Available In The UK

The reason some people buy from abroad is not just about the money, but because they want the version of a car that is not available where they are located. There are many imports from Japan that fall into this category.  These are popular because they are often built to a higher spec than the models destined for many other places, sometimes they are not on sale in other countries at all or there is a long waiting list for them.

One of the most popular cars that fit this mould is the Japanese version of the Mazda MX-5, known as Mazda Eunos. They may be cheaper to buy from new, but they also do not hold their price so well and are cheaper on the second-hand market as well.


Safety Features And Standards

All European car makers have to work to the same standards for safety and quality, as laid down in European law. However, imports that come from outside of Europe may not be up to the standard that Europe demands. To ensure they pass the test for safety they have to undergo a test with VOSA before they are allowed on your roads.

If you are considering buying what is known as a ‘grey’ import, even one that has been modified for use in your country, then the vendor should be able to show you the certificate that proves any changes are up to the standard they should be.


Certificate Of Authenticity

BIMTA have a Certificate of Authenticity service that will give you peace of mind that your imported car has come from a reputable dealer, and has not been stolen before being sold to you. It also checks out if there is any outstanding finance on the vehicle, and you should not go ahead with the purchase if there is. The laws regarding finance differ from country to country, and if you buy one from abroad that has money outstanding on it you could find yourself with no car at all.

So there you go, a few top tips.  I hope these tips have been useful, and good luck in your quest for that new car.


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