Things To Avoid When Selling Your Porsche

The devil really is in the detail when it comes to selling your Porsche, whether it’s a classic Porsche 911 or a more modern Porsche Boxster or Porsche Cayenne. No-one is going to want to buy a top end Porsche 911 Gen2 997 GT3 without knowing it’s been fully inspected and that it’s 100 per cent genuine.

Not having a full service history and all the correct paperwork could cost you dearly. So first and foremost, don’t rush into a sale. Take your time. Investigate the market, make sure you have every scrap of paper relating to your Porsche that you can possibly have.

If you’re missing documentation try and get replacements. If you’re going for a private sale, it’s worth paying for an independent inspection to give buyers reassurance that what they’re looking at really is the real deal.

The worst thing you can do is try and sell your Porsche with a half a story. It’s the detail, the provenance, the records that will make or break your sale. A good service history shows the car has been well maintained to a high standard. It’s been cared for.

All Porsches are subject to the market, their condition and their mileage. The value of different models varies widely and they all depreciate at different rates. Never try and guess the value.

Specific models and options carry different price tags. Don’t price your late 1980s Porsche 911 too low if it’s got a G50 transmission. These gearboxes offer smoother and easier gear changes and attract a premium, especially if its a limited edition or a turbo model.

Many consider the Porsche 911 993 era as the best combination of air-cooled nostalgia and modern levels of performance. Turbo variants attract a huge price tag. Don’t do yourself out of thousands by underestimating the value of what you’ve got.

If you’re not dealing in the realms of classic Porsche 911s, you still don’t want to price too low or too high. Pricing on Porsche Boxsters can be wild. It’s not unknown to find two Porsche Boxsters that have the same features, engine size and mileage, yet the price can vary by £000s. It’s back to the old adage of only fools rush in. Avoid looking for the quick win and do your homework.

It might sound basic, but also avoid making the classic mistake of selling your car at the wrong time of the year. Porsche 911s and Porsche Caymans sell better when the sun is out, while if you’re looking to sell a Porsche Macan or Porsche Cayenne look towards the autumn to get the best deal.

Colder weather raises the prospect of snow and ice and people start to think buying an all-wheel drive vehicle or SUV is a great idea. Demand pushes up prices and you’ll soon find a buyer for your vehicle.

You don’t necessarily have to head straight to a dealer, either. Although private sales can attract timewasters, if you’re careful and make sure you get your money in your bank account before handing over the keys then you’ll always get a better price for your Porsche than you would through a dealership.

That said, while you might not get get quite as much money than if you sold privately, selling to a dealer is without doubt the hassle-free option with no risk of having your precious time wasted by ‘tyre-kickers’ or those who have big dreams but not the money to match.

You turn up at the dealership or fill out an online form, they quote you a price and, once the paperwork is signed, the money is instantly transferred into your account. Simple. There is no risk of a cheque bouncing or a disgruntled buyer turning up on your doorstep a month later.

But whatever you do, get your bucket out. Your Porsche must be pristine. Don’t do a last minute wash and vac either, it’s worth spending the extra for a professional valet. Attention to detail really is everything.

If your car is beyond help, you could always sell Your Car With CarBrain.  Good luck.


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