Review: Best Windshield Brands for Sports Cars

This is a guest post courtesy of Diana Steele, owner of Van Isle Glass in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada.

If you need to get your sports car’s windshield replaced, you might want to shop around to pick a specific brand. It could be because you want to get something more affordable, or because you want to make sure you get something that’s better quality and will last longer. This article will not necessarily list specific windshield brands, and you will see why below.

Whatever the reason why, you should shop around for a windshield replacement rather than just taking what the shop provides, here is a quick guide to help you pick the best brand of windshield for your sports car.


Your Car’s Original Windshield Brand

The first and most obvious choice is to replace your sports car’s windshield with the same brand that it originally came with. So if you have a BMW, Lexus, Corvette, or so on, you go to that manufacturer to get the same ‘original’ windshield to replace the one that was damaged.

Generally speaking, you will not get better or more reliable performance out of any car part than the ones that were specifically designed for your vehicle. For example, the balance and distribution of the windshield’s weight won’t be thrown off if you get the exact same windshield. That might not be a big problem for regular vehicles, but if you want your handling and turns to stay precise and sharp you should get the original vehicle’s windshield brand.

The major disadvantage with OEM windshield brands is that they also tend to be the most expensive, but if you can afford them they are the best choice.


Aftermarket Windshield Replacement Brands

Now here’s the good news: OEM windshield manufacturers that make ‘original’ windshields for your sports car know that most people will need replacements. However, those people won’t always pay top dollar for the original brand. That’s why many of those same manufacturers also sell the exact same windshields, but under a different aftermarket brand that also has a cheaper price tag.

It’s still the exact same windshield, but won’t have your sports car’s manufacturer logo on it (Porsche, Mercedes, etc). They are technically still considered aftermarket because they are made separately from the manufacturer of your vehicle, and specifically for replacement. But since the same company knows exactly how the originals were made, they can replicate them precisely under an aftermarket brand.

So you get the same precise specs and performance at a lower price. Unless you care about having the vehicle OEM logo on the windshield, it’s the best option that balances performance and price in this list.


Third-Party Windshield Replacement Brands

Now we get into the weeds of the many windshield replacement brands that are truly third-party, meaning they have no connection to the original OEM brand. The big advantage they have is they are usually much more affordable than even the aftermarket brands. However, this is very much a case of “you get what you pay for” — if you get a third-party brand to pay less, you also get less quality.

Most third-party brands will not match the same quality, and will either be thinner to save on manufacturing costs — so they’re more likely to break — or use cheaper materials and equipment to make them. Any difference in the windshield’s shape or weight can also throw off your sports car’s wind resistance and balance, which can noticeably affect its performance if you take it to a track.


Custom-Made Windshields

The final option for replacing your sports car’s windshield is with custom-created windshields. These are much more rare than any of the above options, but if your sports car is a classic or vintage model, or if has custom modifications, you might not be able to find an OEM, aftermarket, or third-party brand that sells anything in the dimensions and style you need.

For these custom windshields you will need to find and contact a windshield replacement shop that can make custom windshields for your sports car. It can be more expensive, but potentially your only choice.


About the Author:

Diana Steele is the owner of Van Isle Glass, a Victoria glass shop celebrating 20 years in the glass business this year! With her combined background in teaching, sales & marketing she fully understands the significance of exceptional customer service & quality workmanship. While Diana is focused on her business, she is also a proud community-minded, supporter. She attributes her success to her passion for being part of local business, her love of working with people and to her exceptionally talented and hardworking team!


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