Pimp My Ride: Extras that Boost and Extras that Lower Your Car’s Resale Value

Car customisations and various extras are increasingly popular among UK drivers who are seeking to improve the way their vehicle looks, feels and/or drives. But when the time comes to sell, the very same extras may or may not increase your car’s value. Furthermore, some can even lower your car’s value on the resale market. Before making any changes, alterations or additions to your vehicle – especially pricey ones – it’s a good idea to consider their impact on the resale value.


Five extras that will boost your car’s resale value

Navigation system. Not having one has become hard to imagine for most drivers, with the majority preferring built-in systems over the portable ones or using smartphone apps. Having navigation system built-in can thus be a major advantage when it’s time to sell your car.


Bluetooth transmitter. Bluetooth is also a must-have for most drivers when buying a car including those who are buying used older vehicles. And many will highly appreciate if Bluetooth transmitter is included even though they are very inexpensive and easy to install.


Personal number plates. There is a huge market for personal number plates and the most sought-after letter/number combinations are extremely valuable, sometimes even more valuable than the car itself.


Alloy wheels. Wisely chosen alloy wheels will help make your car stand out from the crowd. As a result, they can considerably boost its resale value and make it easier to sell.


New floor mats. Even a simple thing as a set of new floor mats can make a big difference when selling your car, in terms of both the price and the time spent on the market.


Five extras that may lower your car’s resale value

Alloy wheels. Confused? It’s because alloy wheels are one of those extras which can either increase or decrease the value of your car, depending on what is popular at the time you are selling your car.


High-end stereo system. Everyone wants their car stereo system to sound good, but for most buyers of used cars, a high-end stereo system is a turn-off especially if it means they would have to pay a higher price.


Custom car paints. These can lower your car’s resale value for two reasons. First, most people prefer the traditional colours and second, it means a higher cost in case repairs are needed.


Spoilers, loud exhaust pipes, grills and guards. These extras are more likely to decrease rather than increase your car’s resale value because most people simply prefer the original design or want extras to meet their very own preferences.


Bumper stickers. They can often be very difficult to remove and most car buyers know that. If you have got any bumper stickers, it is therefore a good idea to remove them before putting your car on the market.


I hope this has helped you is you are looking to buy or sell a car.  Good luck, and all the best.


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