The colours of the 119 RHD Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale’s

As many of our regular readers will know I love the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale.  The noise is immense, it looks great, it’s what a true Ferrari should be about, a drivers car devoid of radio/ stat nav. and other luxuries.

There seems to be many different opinions of how many 360 CSs they made, but from what I can research this is what I have found…


Years produced: 2003 – 2004.
Volume of production: 1,288 (119 RHD).

The website has the following thoughts with regard to production numbers:



It’s not possible to give an exact number of the total production (yet). But it’s definitely more than 1200 cars. The final number is most likely between 1200 and 1300 cars. has decided to use the 1288 number until there’s an official statement from Ferrari or until all cars are identified!

Of the 119 right hand drive 360 Challenge Stradales the colours were as such:

Argento Nurburgring 4
Blu Tour De France 10
Giallio Modena 3
Grigo Titanio 1
Nero DS 1
Nero Daytona 5
Nuovo Nero Daytona 10
Rosso Corsa 27
Rosso Scuderia 58

If you are an owner of a 360 CS then it would be cool to hear your thoughts on the car, what colour you have, and maybe you could check to see if your car is on the Challenge Stradale registry.  If it is not registered, then register it so we have more accurate information.

Price wise I think (and hope) these wonderful cars will go to circa £500,000 in the next 5-10 years. When I bought mine I was informed that Ferrari themselves viewed the car in the same league as its other supercars, such as the 288 GTOF40F50Enzo599 GTO and LaFerrari. Prices for these have gone up and up, so £300k for a 360 CS is great value I’d say. With F40s at £800,000, the 360 CS it’s no way near half that car.

Only time will tell, but what a car!


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