Don’t do it. Top distractions for the motorist.

We all do it or have done it.  Most of us will be angry with ourselves for doing it, or getting distracted, some others not, and they see no wrong with it.  I wonder how many accidents happen due to distractions.

We should be concentrating on our driving, but something takes our attention, we swerve or have to break hard or god forbid we have an accident.

There’s an abundance of research on this subject matter, so I thought I’d write a useful article that would help me and hopefully you.  Let’s all make an effort to concentrate on our driving safety.

I thought what distracts me when driving, and it is a lot of things, namely:

Inside the car (not in priority order)

Mobile phone

Sat Nav

Radio/ changing channels or music

Heating/ Climate control (not linked to Bluetooth or not, it is still a distraction)

Kids arguing or being naughty


Outside of the car (not in priority order)



Other cars (for me classic cars, supercars,

hypercars or good forbid bad driving)

Nice looking women (guilty)



This article I came across in the Times names some other crazy items that are cited as distractions.  Really?


Laptop (what the hell!)

Smartwatch (that received text messages)

Get this, in this Times article they mentioned “…some people don’t even try. Last month a cyclist recorded images of a driver in Aberdeen apparently checking his mobile phone while wearing headphones and with a switched-on laptop facing him on the passenger seat.”  ASTOUNDING.

According to Accident Advice Helpline, motorists rarely concentrate when driving, and with all the in car tech it is getting worse.  They go on to say that three quarters of British motorists admit they rarely concentrate all of the time when driving.

They stated that “heavy rain, backseat drivers and a SPIDER in the car are among the biggest distractions for drivers, according to a new study.

46% of people admitted that yes they do get distracted when driving be it by another person, conditions outside their car or something going on within their vehicle. The figure was slightly higher within women with 48% admitting to getting distracted compared to 44% of men.”

Accident Advice Helpline highlights the main distractions as:

What have we missed.  Let us know what has been your biggest distraction, and what would you suggest for reducing these distractions.


My one charter would be:

Anyone on their mobile phones whilst driving gets a £1000 fine or 6 month penalty.  If caught a 2nd time, these fines double, then double again.  Please have to learn and strict and enforces punishment is the only way.


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