How knowledgeable are you on your road signs before you go on holiday outside the UK?

For those of you that have driven abroad, if it’s not challenging enough to have to drive on the wrong side of the road, there is the array of road signs to content with as well.


Co-op insurance has created a quiz designed to test the nation’s knowledge of road signs from around the globe.  Which might come in handy for those planning on travelling abroad over the summer holidays.


So if you’re hiring a car on your next road trip or taking your own, then, you’ll want to know what all of those road signs mean.  Here are ten questions designed to test your knowledge of global signage – choose Random to see a mixture from across the world, or pick a destination from their list.

Here’s a few to give you a flavour?  Any idea?’’


Falling Rocks Road Sign end-of-priority-road-sign-belgium  No vehicles carrying explosives. 
 no-flamable-materials-L  RoundaboutEuropeanRoadSign_web  european-wrong-way-sign

So now is your chance to prove how clued up you actually are: take the test now.

So how did you get on?  We chose Random option for country and got 6/10. Doh!  We better practise more before our next road trip.

For those of you that just have to know, the answers for the signs above are (from top left to bottom right):

Falling rocks.

End of priority-road.

No vehicles carrying explosives.

No flammable materials.


Wrong way.


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