How To Select The Best Dash Cam For Your Car

There is such a choice available these days for those wanting to install a dash camcorder into your road or race car. When you actually research into this, you’ll find hundreds of distinguished versatile dash cams. You might check on the various online shops which offer digital dash cams, look for a good warranty and other support that they’ll offer you. Car cameras specialists such as Car Cam Depot will help you to choose the best dash cam based on your criteria.

Selecting a genuine dash cam is not that difficult, all you require is to be focused on the key features that will be important to you. Let’s have a close look on the various essential aspects which ought to be covered by your car dash camcorder.


Designing and structure

Presentation is a most crucial trait of any digital gizmo; we all like good looking things after all. A dash cam ought to be compact so that it can be fit anywhere needed and not be obtrusive. Think about what you’ll be using it for, as if you’ll be using for sports such a snowboarding, you’ll probably need a different camera than if you’ll also be using it for canoeing.

Cameras come in an array of shapes and sizes, some have an inbuilt display, others not. Some have a touch screen display, so that you can easily control various alterations from the screen itself.



Every dash cam stores the recorded videos in a data storage device. Most of the dash cams are compatible with Micro SD cards which can save high qualities videos from 8GB TO 32GB. The vital difference arises with the loop recording functioning. This function allows a dash cam to start fresh recordings once the entire memory gets utilized.

You’ll receive an alert for shifting your data to any other storage device and if you don’t need it, the trait auto deletes the previously captured recordings without any manual help from your hand. Loop recording is one of the principle features and you cannot overlook this. There are also dash cams which offer inbuilt memory, which is cool.


3 axis G sensor

This feature is very cool as it assists in auto recording video whenever there is any external impact on your car. At the time of impact, this neat feature allows the captured recordings to get saved in a critical section which can’t be erased even if you format your dash cam memory.


We hope you’ll find this car cam summary interesting and good shopping.


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