Formula 1 (2012): The season so far (April 2012)

Well, I did not expect 4 races to have 4 separate winners, but it’s great isn’t it!

A lot was good about F1 in 2011:

  • the ‘overtaking problem’, wherein races for the previous decade and a half or more offered very little of it, was gone;
  • the combination of DRS and degrading Pirelli tyres, races became races again;
  • they were invariably diverting and close, displaying much wheel-to-wheel action;
  • overtaking moves per race dwarfed the previous high tide-water mark since records began in the early 1980s.

Only disappointment about 2011 was that bloke Vettel who seemed to win every time.  It reminded me of the boring seasons when Schumacher won all the time, good for him, bad for the viewers.  Sebastian Vettel claimed 11 wins from 19 rounds in 2011, including six from the first eight.

But hold on, SO FAR the 2012 entertainment factor is high, overtaking per race is even higher than last year, and four different winners in the first four races (yes you are reading this right), for the first time since 2003. And for the first time since 1983 the winners have come from four different teams.  You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Let’s just hope this spectacle carries on this way, as regrettably it probably won’t.

So, what of my 2012 prediction

I said:

1. McLaren
McLaren pip “the angry cow” by 1 point after Vettel and Webber collide sending each other off the race track.
2. The angry cow
3. Ferrari
4. Mercedes
5. Renault

1. Button
2. Vettel
3. Hamilton
4. Alonso
5. Raikkonen ( go on the Kimi)

I still think I’m on, what do you think?


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