10 top Ferrari F40 facts (part 1)

I love this car, which petrolhead doesn’t.  I came across an article in a well-known magazine which highlighted some facts about the Ferrari F40 which I found interesting and I thought you would to, so here goes:

A 5 year production run

The F40 was made by Ferrari from the years 1987-1992.


A tough act to follow

The F40 is a successor to the great Ferrari 288 GTO.


Conceived by Enzo himself

The  F40 was conceived by Enzo Ferrari before his 90th birthday.


The 1st 200 mph+ production road car

The F40’s top speed is 201 mph, 0-60 mph of 4.5 seconds.


Designed to be the best

The F40 was designed to compete with vehicles such as the Porsche 959 and Lamborghini Countach.


Who’s got a weak bladder then?

F40’s are fitted with racing car style bladder tanks.  These tanks sit in each sill.  The bladders are ‘lifed’ for 10 years and cost about £13,000 to renew from Ferrari itself, although specialists can replace them for around £7,500.  For £5,500 you can fit two aluminium tanks, although probably not a move the purists will pursue.


Production figures (the not so rare Ferrari supercar)

Ferrari initially proposed to limit the production to 300 examples, but demand kept on coming so eventually 1315 were made.


The most desirable model

For those in the know the most sought after model (and yes there are variations) is a low mileage, an early non-cat, non-adjust, sliding window, British spec, accident free example.


Not a Drag king or queen

The F40 is most efficient with a low drag coefficient of Cd0.34.


It was designed by one of the very best

The F40 was styled by Pininfarina‘s Leonardo Fioravanti, the artist behind the Ferrari Daytona, Ferrari 512 BB and 308 GTB.  His previous designs were curvaceous and beautiful, yet the Ferrari F40 is sharp, angular and purposeful.


Click here for more Ferrari F40 facts.


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