Ferrari 458 Italia, Novitec Rosso style!

If you’re a Ferrari purist, turn away now.  Tuner Novitec Rosso has taken the Ferrari 458 Italia to a different dimension.

Whilst I’m sure many Ferrari owners positively quiver at the mere thought of altering their cars with any non-Ferrari parts, there are Prancing Horse trainers out there who look at their rides and say, “There is room for improvement.”

The heart of Novitec Rosso’s 458 Italia upgrade package consists of a high-flow carbon fiber airbox, high flow exhaust system, sport catalytic converter, and a reprogrammed ECU. The result is an extra 40 horsepower, for a total of 609hp. That might not seem like a big deal, in this day and age, but that power peak comes at 9,100 rpm, from a 4.5L normally-aspirated V8. Awesome.

But not all of Novitec Rosso’s upgrades are under the hood. The carbon fiber body kit, comprises a new front air dam, side sills, rear spoiler and other pieces, was honed in the University of Stuttgart’s wind tunnel and aids the Novitec Rosso 458 Italia on its journey up to its 205 mph top speed. The roof is also reskinned in carbon fiber, and there are various bits and bobs of interior trim (including larger-than-stock shift paddles for the twin-clutch 7-speed transmission) made of the stronger-than-steel composite, too.


Handling enhancements come courtesy of lightweight NF3 wheels from Novitec Rosso’s own catalog (9×21” in front, 12×22” out back) and sport springs that drop the ride height by some 1.4”.  In case you need the car’s nose to ride tall again for speed bumps, driveways and the like, a hydraulic front lift system elevates the nose by up to 1.6” to prevent chafing.

Anyway, Novitec Rosso hasn’t said how much this package will cost, but if you can afford a 458 Italia, you shouldn’t have any trouble affording their upgrades.

Like it or not?  Let’s hear what you think!


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