Ferrari by Pininfarina: Technology and Beauty (Paperback)

Ferrari by Pininfarina: Technology and Beauty

The ultimate reference work on the partnership which has produced the world’s most stunning cars for the past 50 years. All the Pininfarina penned road models from the 212 Inter of 1952 through the Enzo of 2002 are included. A special chapter is dedicated to the prototypes and single unit production models. The development of each model is traced in detail. Illustrated with drawings, black & white and color photographs, it is another must have for the Ferrari enthusiast’s library.

Like most of you lot, I would sometimes hesitate buying a book that costs over £30. This is however, an exception to my shopping list. The book is in an unusual format nearly 2 inches thick packed full of excellent quality glossy colour photos (mostly studio shots, hence perfect lighting and background). Each photo shows the perfect angle to look at a car and, definitely shows the photographer paid lots of attention to underpin the character of Pininfarina designs. I have bought many books that relate to Ferrari’s, but I must say that this is an excellent photo album of Ferrari’s that I’ll treasure. One thing let down is the translation into English. It’s a real pain to understand what the author is trying to convey. But hey, I only want to have an enjoyable time browsing through each perfect photo dreaming about owning a Ferrari. I’ll never regret buying this book.  Neither will you.  But it now!


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