5 Things You Need To Know About Parking Bollards

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Often, you come across drivers who lose control, hitting pedestrians or crashing into storefronts. It is where parking bollards come in. Parking bollards are short but functional posts set up in parking lots to protect infrastructure, cars, and pedestrians against careless drivers.

Parking bollards help prevent injuries and protect assets. They come in different types, sizes, shapes, and materials. If you’re thinking of getting bollards for your store’s parking lot or at the terminal end of your home’s driveway, here are five things you need to know about them:

  1. Types Of Parking Bollards

When choosing parking bollards, it’s essential to pick the right one. On that note, consider different types and their advantages. Here are four types of parking bollards:

  • Permanent Bollards

As the name suggests, these can’t move once installed. They’re built to protect buildings or paved walks. This way, vehicles can’t ram into the building or pedestrians walking along the pavements. They’re common in busy streets.

  • Removable Bollards

Since you can quickly move them, they’re best for parking control. For instance, if you want to save a spot in the parking lot for your delivery van, you can direct other motorists by barring the entrance. Alternatively, you can use the removable bollards if you don’t want people parking at your gate. Note that they’re not strong enough for protection against out-of-control vehicles.

  • Retractable Bollards

Like the removable bollards, you can use them for controlled parking. The only difference is that an electric switch operates retractable bollards, and you don’t have to move them manually. However, manual retractable bollards require you to push them down or aside.   

  • Foldable Bollards

This type of bollard folds when not in use. They can be the best alternative to permanent bollards. However, it’s best to have them in areas with less traffic.   

You can get all these types from reliable bollard supplier options and pick the one that meets your needs.  

  1. Benefits Of Parking Bollards

As indicated earlier, the different types of bollards have various uses. First, they’re primarily used for protection. If your shop borders the road, it’s best to use them for protection. You often use the front space as a client parking spot. Thus, it’s necessary to have them for security and as a barrier between the car and your shop. Without bollards, an out-of-control vehicle can ram into your shop, destroying property and injuring customers.

Again, you can use them for aesthetic purposes. Painting the bollards makes your shop look attractive. You can paint all your bollards with the exterior wall color in your shop. Alternatively, paint your bollards in your brand color. This way, customers can quickly tell the parking spaces reserved for customers visiting your shop. You can also have art on your bollards rather than the conventional yellow paint on bollards.

Additionally, bollards give you controlled access to parking spaces for security. Thus, you can use them if you want to restrict entrance to specific areas, such as an airport parking lot or your property. In this case, use foldable or retractable bollards.

  1. What Are Bollards Made From?

Since bollards are used for different purposes, they can be made from various materials. Here are some of the materials used in making parking bollards:

  • Metal

If you want permanent, rigid, and strong bollards for your parking, the metallic should be a great choice. They can withstand several crashes, unlike plastic bollards. They’re the best for creating a barrier because of their lightweight. They’re also coated to avoid rust. Therefore, they may serve you for a long time.  

  • Plastic

Given that they’re not strong, plastic bollards are the least favorable for protection. However, you can use them for reservation or as removable bollards. Since they’re not heavy, you can carry them if need be.  

  • Concrete

For security purposes, you need bollards that can withstand heavy impacts. Concrete bollards are strong and rigid. It’d be best to use them as a permanent barrier.   

You can also find some bollards made from wood and rubber. However, these are only best for recreational settings. The material used to make the bollards significantly influences the performance. Thus, if you want to use bollards for security, go for strong and rigid ones like concrete and metal bollards.   

  1. Automatic Bollard Features

Lockable bollards require you to use a key or an access card. If you use them for remote parking, ensure they work efficiently with the automatic bollards. It makes it easier for drivers to access the parking card without alighting from their car.   

  1. Who Installs Bollards?

While you can install the bollards by yourself, it’s best to hire experts. Follow the supplier’s or manufacturer’s instructions if you install them yourself. They know best about the installation process. Depending on your need, you can also enquire about the best bollards. While at it, you should find out the best methods of installation. Some of the basic installation methods that you should pay attention to include the following:   

  • Flanged or bolt down, which includes digging your bollard into the ground  
  • Fold-down, which is best for the folding bollards  
  • Sunk-in or ragged bollards, which require deeper installation to secure them.   

When installing your bollards pay attention to the level of protection you need. Consider these tips during the installation process:  

  • Use removable bollards for light tasks such as control  
  • Install automatic bollards in areas with high traffic  
  • Keep up with maintenance for the automatic bollards since they can easily jam and cause accidents.   


Parking bollards are vital for busy parking lots. It’d be best if you also had them for controlled access to your parking. You can also use them for protection. Since there are plenty of options in the market, ensure you get the right ones for your needs. Also, ensure they’re correctly installed to avoid inconveniences or accidents.


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