Win a pair of tickets to Race Retro 2018

It’s competition time again.  This time we are delighted to be able to offer three pairs of tickets to the 2018 Race Retro classic car show.

Race Retro is a must attend event for any Rally Driving, Motorsport or Classic Car fan.  You’ll see wonderful cars and be able to get up close to sporting personalities in a very relaxed environment.  It’s very very cool.

So get your 2018 motorsport season off to a great start at Race Retro!

Guest celebrities and motorsport legends will be on hand throughout the weekend ensuring enthusiasts are entertained with interviews and anecdotes from the halcyon days of racing.

Invest in a piece of motorsport history, with a visit to the Silverstone Auction sale offering the finest classic cars, modern supercars, all types of competition cars, modern and historic motorcycles and automobilia.

Prefer two-wheeled motorsport?  There will be displays from the UK’s best motorcycle clubs as well as a chance for individual owners to shine in the Pride of Ownership competition.

Visit hundreds of trade stands offering everything you need for the coming season – be it new helmets and race suits, parts and spares for your racing vehicle or more motorsport memorabilia to add to your collection.

To win a pair of tickets tell us what is your favourite motorsport or rally car of all time and why? 

To start you off, our favourite rally car of all time is the Lancia 037 (below), it just looks and sounds immense.



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22 comments on "Win a pair of tickets to Race Retro 2018"

  • georgie pope says:

    my old car….a yaris called boudicca (geddit????)

  • Bryan Evans says:

    Fiat 131 Abarth World Rally Car because I had a Matchbox model as a child that I used to play with that kept me quiet for hours much to the delight of my parents.

  • Paul Gray says:

    Ford Escort Cosworth because it was and always will be an iconic car..

  • Richard beeby says:

    My favourite racing car was my old metro… Mandy the metro haha! As you can tell I haven’t been lucky enough to indulge in real cars, so I will admire all these at this event

  • Paul Gray says:

    Jenson Button’s Willians F1 race car.
    Even tough he wasn’t a champion with tham. The look of that car was amazing.

  • Orsolya Olah-Gray says:

    Senna’s F1 race car.
    He and the car was one.

  • John Martin says:

    Like other contributors its not easy identifying the best rally car as I have a soft spot for many cars and their drivers, who are just mind blowingly talented or bonkers…….never quite worked that one out.
    For a choice I am slightly biased towards the amazing Lancia Stratos. It looks stunning and nothing like a rally car, with a spine tingling evocative noise eminating from its mid engined 2.4l Ferrari V6 engine and low set streamlined body and a wrap around windscreen, which provided an uninterrupted view, which was unique and never really been copied.
    There was nothing like it and whilst over the years the cars got faster and gripper there has never been anything as were never as pretty as the Lancia Stratos.
    Its low set coupe appearance and light design for speed whilst still being set for rough ground clearance. The view rearwards was academic….. you only needed to see frontwards as the cars at the time were never going to catch it.
    Its talented ability reflected in its balanced mid engine structure ended up with taking 3 WRC championships.

  • James Woods says:

    It’s has to be the Mk2 Escort it’s one of the few fords I like & always looks at home sideways in the woods.

  • Chris Clark says:

    It is difficult to pick just one, as far as Rally Cars go then its also the Lancia 037, the last 2WD car to win a WRC round. I know if basically a supercar built on a Lancia Beta Monte Carlo cockpit but it has something about it that I can’t put my finger on but just love.

    Historic Racing – I love the Porsche 917 -30 in Sunoco colours. Although he died not long after I was born, I am very much a fan of Mark Donohue due to his excellence in any class of racingand the 1974 Can Am Porsche was the ultimate weapon with 1400 hp in qualifying trim.

    My favourite Sports Car / Group C car is the 1991 Le Mans winning Mazda 787B, bright, colourful and that awesome sound that made sure all your senses were still working everytime it passed each lap. The car just looked right from every angle too.

    My ultimate racing hero was BriSCA F1 stock car driver Stuart Smith, the man was a legend, The Maestro, The 1 and Only, Super Stu and my first memories as a child of him racing was in the yellow and red Hertz Car Hire sponsored car that hecbuilt in 1979 and featured on Noel Edmunds Swap Shop. (I still have the annual with Noel driving the car at Odsal) The car was destroyed many years ago but his son Stuart Jnr has built an exact replica of his late fathers car and it will be appearing at many shows this year to raise money for charity. The car looks stunning and has stirred up so many great memories of Stuart senior racing it.

    I may well have a new favourite motorsport car by the end of the year.

  • E Brown says:

    Audi Quattro Sport SWB – 650 bhp, from the outrageous, flame belching Group B-era.

  • Anna Malpus says:

    My ultimate race car of all time has to be the mAgnificent Porsche 917.
    A racing car that was unbeatable and taught the ferraris racing in the same era a lesson, so much to the point , they got banned for being too fast ……

  • Laurence Bucknall says:

    Its got to be the metro 6R4 a purpose built British Rally car

  • Sean Driscoll says:

    Daytona Cobra

  • C A Robertson says:

    My favourite rally car wad a battered mini cooper S shared with three other guys in the late 60’s. We did every event we could afford to enter in Scotland and the North of England. Where is that mini now?

  • Joe Walker says:

    Lancia Delta HF Integrale for me!

    Such an awesome (and dominant) machine back then – and it would be a real treat to see Miki Biasion back at the wheel of one (hopefully) at Race Retro…

  • Paul Davis says:

    Mine is the Ford Rs200. Remember seeing it live on he RAC rally in the hay day of group c rallying in the mid 80s! Amazing machine, so fast and looks great!!

  • Tim Sawyer says:

    It has to be the Mk2 Escort RS1800, the sound of the BDA engine on full throttle in the woods is second to none, add in the smell of the mud of the hot exhaust and its enough to bring a grown man to his knees!

  • Chris Lunn says:

    There is one rally car that is almost bigger than the sport of rallying itself and that’s the Lancia Stratos. The Ford Escort, Audi Quattro and others may have won more WRC events however the Italian wedge with it’s screaming V6 engine is a classic in everyway. Be it in Alitalia, Pirelli or Chequered Flag livery this car has a special place in most rally fans hearts especially mine, from the first time as an 11 year old I saw Munari driving one on an RAC rally in the mid 70s to Steve Perez and his version on the Roger Albert Clark last November. Its the sound as much as anything and if the sound of that Ferrari Dino sourced engine at full chat doesn’t stir your soul then you must be dead already!

  • Graham Lomax says:

    My favourite rally car is the Lancia Stratos. The reason being when first introduced
    to ralling its wedge shape was like nothing before it. The ferrari V6 was something else and still is when Steve Perez brings his car out on events like
    the Rodger Albert rally last year.

  • Andy fern says:

    The Peugeot 205 T16 is my favourite rally car of all time, mainly due to watching the great Ari Vatanen driving one, in the ’84 Lombard Rally!

  • Andy Millin says:

    I once saw Tony Pond hurl the BL Triumph TR8 through a rally stage…the sight and sound will stay with me foreve!

  • Christine Britten says:

    I love to visit the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Not only to see the great classic vintage racing cars on display, but also to see the fabulous array of ladies and gents parading the grounds in their vintage attire. It’s also a brilliant atmosphere!

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