Ferrari 550/ 575: the time to buy is now.

There are some cars that when you take stock of what you are getting, for the price you are paying, there is exceptional value and you scratch your head in disbelief.  This can be said for the Ferrari 550 and Ferrari 575 right now.

Right now you are likely to be paying between £35k-£50k for a 550 and £50-75 for a 575.  This is not a lot of money for such a wonderful car, especially the 550.  Just look at it…

Now, if you need reminding why you should consider buying a 550, here are a few reasons that I can think of:

  • It’s a Ferrari;
  • 0-60mph in 4.3 seconds;
  • Top speed of 199mph;
  • Beautiful V12 engine; and
  • It’s a Ferrari

Then there is the 575…

Reasons to buy:

  • It’s a Ferrari;
  • 0-60mph in 4.1 seconds;
  • Top speed of 202mph;
  • Beautiful V12 engine; and
  • It’s a Ferrari.

Now, talking with a reputable Ferrari dealer recently, they agreed with me that these cars are very undervalued, and prices are already starting to creep upwards, so if your thinking of buying, now is the time to buy.

If I had the money right now, I would certainly be considering buying a Ferrari 550.

What do you think, a good buy or not?


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11 comments on "Ferrari 550/ 575: the time to buy is now."

  • Simon says:

    Just bought a 575 but in Tour de France blue. Seeing pics above made me think I should have bought the red 550 at a skinny $.80k.
    I also have a CAV GT40, and can recommend suspension uprights and hubs from Ian Clarke, who custom cad camm’d them to replace the magnesium alloy ones that came with the car.
    In Canada, and on GT40s weblog site as Canuck40.

  • Will Wynn says:


    The 550 is certainly a Ferrari to consider and will no doubt only go up in value. It’s a great time to buy the 550, it’s a great car. That’s some collection you’ve got. What’s the favourite car you’ve owned and why?

    All the best to you.


  • Matthias says:

    Well, I just looked for some information in the web about the 550 because this one shall be my first Ferrari beside my other cars like Mercedes CL65AMG, Ruf Rturbo, Alpina B12 6.0 and others. It will not be the fastest, not the cheapest servicing and not the roomiest in my collection. But – as you allready considered, Will – it´s a Ferrari. In my opinion the most beautiful one beside the 275 GTB.

  • Will Wynn says:

    Great points made. If you’ve got £40-60k spare it’s an absolute bargain of a buy and no doubt these cars will go up in value.


  • Yuri Vanetik says:

    The Ferrari 550 seems more rare than the 575. Both are epic with perfect lines that only Ferrari can produce. I am amazed at the prices… They are low, indeed. With global recession looming, I would agree with the earlier posts that suggest that even given the maintenance (insurance, service, etc.), these models are likely to increase in value. Of course, I would not expect a major pop solely because it seems that big auction numbers are relegated to the super rare ferrari of old. Once Ferrari began a limited mass production the collector dynamics have shifted.

  • Will Wynn says:

    Wow. When you said you had a GT40, I had assumed it was a pre-built replica, don’t know why, just did. It must be very rewarding building and seeing it slowly coming together, if you have the patience. I think if I tried to build a car, any car, it would never get done. One I’m not really the engineering type and patience is not a strength of mine.

    Looks like your patience may have started to be tested. For what is it worth I would stick with the GT40, a much more special car than the Aston Martin Vanquish.

  • Trevor says:

    Glad to hear you like GT40’s. Mine is a replica as I don’t have a spare million kicking around and it’s still currently in the build process. I’ve been working on the car for a little under a year, it’s hard work but very rewarding. I’ve just finished fabricating all the sheet aluminium for the chassis, fitted the fuel tanks etc and am almost ready to start fitting the suspension & brakes.

    I’ve had a couple of wobbly moments over the past couple of months though and have been considering selling it and going for an Aston Vanquish.

  • Will Wynn says:

    Trevor, how cool is that? You own a Ford GT40, it’s a classic. Why did you go that route in the end?

    It’s not everyday, or anyday for that matter that you see a GT40 on the road. It is a rare car.

    I would seriously like one in my garage at some point, a replica of course, unless I win the lottery. I have seen many different replicas, made by the various companies. Most are very well made and look great.

    Do you race it?

  • Trevor says:

    I considered a Ferrari 550, Porsche 911 997 C2S, Aston Martin Vantage & Maserati Gransport last year. In the end I went down a very different route and I decided to build my own custom Ford GT40 so I am clearly nuts and you probably shouldn’t listen to my advice 🙂

  • Will Wynn says:

    Trevor, although the Aston Martin Vanquish is a beautiful car, I think I would still go for the Ferrari 550. I’m sure it would cost less in the long run, and it will appreciate. Both great cars no doubt, just personal choice for me would be the Ferrari. Of course there is the Maserati GranTurismo S…

  • Trevor says:

    Totally agree, if your in the market for a GT car for £40-50k a Ferrari 550 should be quiet near the top of your list.

    As I said in my previous post I’d still be tempted by a Aston Martin Vanquish though. It doesn’t have the Italian flair of the Ferrari but it’s rarer, better looking and the last hand built Aston Martin. So personally I’d go for a Vanquish but both would be great cars to own and solid investments.


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